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Conditions and Treatments?

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james chambliss
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I have NPC stage 3, they have treated me so far with 33 radiation, which is done and 4 chemo, 3 of which were concurrent with radiation. I have done 1 since radiation and they want to do 2 more. Is this extreme or are there others who have had the same treatments? Also i have read that the other chemo after radiation has caused debate over it's help for survival. Any thoughts, because i have a chemo doctor that ordered a PET scan 2 weeks after my radiation/chemo was finished because i didn't want to do anymore chemo. My radiation doctor told me he should not have done that because the reading would not be accurate. I feel my body is going backwards now that i have started the other rounds of chemo, but i am really considering stopping until they can get an accurate reading. I don't see why i should let them put more crap in me if there is a chance it's already gone. The PET scan came back with a small spot on the nasal pharnax, but before treatment. I had it on the base of my tounge, in my Lymph system R neck, and nasal pharnax. So i know the radiation/chemo worked because it's gone everywhere else. Should i wait to see if the other goes away as well? My radiation doctor said it could simply be radiation showing on the PET scan. I don't know what to do.


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I am in a similar situation with my docs. I will be receiving 2 second opinions before I go any further. When they disagree with each other it's always time to get another opinion.

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I had concurrent chemradiation. Mine was a clinical trial at U of Chicago. I had 49 rads concurently with 120 hrs of 5FU, twice daily hydroxyurea and weekly Erbitux. My first PET was 3 months out. As mentioned previously I do not know for sure if the trial times my scans or not. Second opinions never hurt, I would finish the chemo anyway just to make sure it wont make a comeback.Wishes & Prayers

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Kent Cass
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Welcome. The PS/CT so soon after treatment was likely a waste of time and money. Even three-six months is a bit soon, because of the false-positives that can show. Happened to me, and to a number of others, here.

Second opinions are usually a good idea.


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Diagnosed January 2, 2009...SCC STG III, HPV - Right Tonsil and a lymph node.

Jan 2009 - Tonsillectomy
Jan 2009 - Port installed & Mask fitted
Feb - Jun 2009 - Chemo (nine weeks) & concurrent chemo/rads (seven weeks/35 days)
Nine weeks was - three cycles three weeks each of Cisplatin, Taxotere & 5FU (pumped)
Seven weeks was - Carboplatin weekly & 35 daily rads with Amifostine injections each day

Fifteen months post treatment, all blood work back in normal ranges and all PET/CT, clean & clear NED.

There is a high rate of residual showing on PET scans done too early as mentioned above and within several postings on this forum.


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