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Not doing good.

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james chambliss
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Hey everyone, I am not doing to hot. I am doing chemo again and it's taking it's toll on me. I had a month and a half break and got a lot better. I had Cisplatin last Thursday and they gave me the 5FU in pill form to take home. I am finding it hard to make myself take the pill. I am, but it is hard to put something in your body yourself that makes you feel so bad. Last night i was really dizzy and ran into things in the middle of the night and ended up passing out and waking up not know where i was. I am drinking just as much water, if not more. Has anyone been through anything similar and what did you do to help get your energy back? I am so ready for this to be done, but i still have to more rounds of this kind of chemo over the next two months.


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Pam M
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Sorry to hear you're in a rough patch. wow - 5-FU in pill form. I talked with some friends about chemo pills before, and wondered how odd it would be to poison yourself (for the greater good, of course - I'd take the pill, but I'd be nervous, too). What did your docs say about you passing out in the night? That would be scary. As far a energy goes, the only advice I have is what you already know - keep up your water and calories, and try to get in some exercise - at least some walking, even if it's just around the house. Hope you're doing better soon - keep us updated.

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James, Cisplatin kicked my butt weekly for 6 weeks, but never had a pill. I was dizzy and just had to sit in my barcalounger all the time and only get up to go to the head. Some say Cisplatin is good news/bad news, it works but it takes a toll. Get with your Dr.s on the passing out, you could get hurt doing that.
Wish I had more to say that could help, but I don't. I'll just say that it gets better and keep plugging. You'll look back at this time someday and say how did I do that??
Keep positive and strong

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