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Dr. William Li on Dr. Oz

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Did anyone else see this segment on Dr. Oz? This researcher is talking about eating antiangiogenic foods to starve cancer. Antiangiogenesis is how some drugs work. I *think* it will repeat on the Fox Channel Monday 9/13 possibly. Same message as Believeau and Servan-Schreiber.

Dr. William Li on Dr. Oz – Antiangiogenic Foods to Starve Cancer

Five Foods to Starve Cancer - Dr. Li on Dr. Oz

Dr. William Li's list of antiangiogenic foods

Dr. William Li, Can we eat to starve cancer? - TED Talk, Feb 2010 - 20 mins.
19:00: "But then between what the doctor can do for you, we need to start asking, 'what can we do for ourselves?' ...We can empower ourselves to do the things that doctors can't do for us which is to use knowledge and take action. And if Mother Nature has given us some clues, we think that there might be some new future in a value of how we eat. And what we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day."
13:30 = Tea slide
3:25 = Angiogenesis Out of Balance slide

Anti-Angiogenic Cancer Research, Dr. William Li, NYAS Interview, 2009, 6:36 mins.

Google results for Dr. William Li

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i was also going to post about this show. i was looking for news on the disasterous gas explosion near san francisco a couple of days ago and saw dr. oz introduce dr. li and foods to starve cancer. the five foods he mentioned are: bok choy, strawberries, artichokes especially the heart, flounder (or halibut, salmon) and cooked tomatoes. he recommended 3 servings a week of each. this shouldn't be too difficult. it was extremely interesting, although a very short segment. yes, very much the same message as believeau and servan-schreiber--starving tumors by not feeding the blood vessels that fuel the malignant cells, i.e., anti angiogenic foods.


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I did happen so see this segment....interesting since I rarely turn on the TV at the time it aired. Dr. Li has a foundation related to antiangiogenesis. Very much like our other "heros". I like the empowerment part of this. There ARE things we CAN do!! This reinforces all of the info Claudia has posted!!


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Maggie and Karen,

Yes, interesting! I posted longer talks / interviews and another longer list of AA foods in the original post if you or others are interested. The other videos go into a little more detail.

Karen--It does reinforce all the info Claudia has posted!

I think he's right that Mother Nature holds clues to some of this and it sure doesn't hurt to eat her food which has been around and protecting life on the planet for millennia. Plants learn to not only survive and adapt themselves but to support the rest of the ecosystem (incl. us) with all their medicinal components which we're supposed to be ingesting synergistically , as Believau and Servan-Schreiber say. Just seems like there's a simplistic sense to all this that we need to get back to since now as a group we've created such a mess of our food supply, etc.


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Thanks for adding the links....makes it so much easier to find the info.



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