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Anal Wart Cauterization

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Hi Everyone--

I saw my colorectal doc on September 2nd. for my 3-month follow-up with DRE and anoscopy. I have the ongoing radiation proctitis, which she says is causing my bleeding with hard BM's. What I wasn't expecting was the discovery of 3 very small anal warts. These are clustered together and are not at the original tumor site. My doctor told me these are HPV warts and that they could become cancerous if left untreated. Therefore, I am scheduled to have a surgical procedure called Fulguration of Anal Condyloma on September 16th. Essentially, this is cauterization of the warts. I will be under general anesthesia and the procedure is to take about 30 minutes. There is no prep required, other than nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this, but am anxious to get it done and over with. I will meet with my doctor the day before in her office to go over the procedure and ask any questions I might have. She has assured me that these warts are not cancer, but she told me they need to be treated so that they don't become cancer.

Has anyone else undergone this procedure, either before or after treatment for anal cancer?

Thank you for any insight you can give me about this procedure.

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Although I'm recently diagnosed with anal cancer and am starting treatment on Aug. 27, I am concerned about anal warts returning in the future.

How are you doing these were removed?

My radiation oncologist told me the radiation would get rid of all the anal warts I have now, and he seemed to indicate they would not return. I've had several surgeries to remove them, but they kept coming back. I had surgery about every six or seven months...that's how my cancer was found so early.

At any rate, will you update me on how all this turned out?

Thanks so much for ALL the information and support you have given to me.

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I am doing very well since having the anal warts removed in September 2010. However, I must disagree with what your rad onc told you because in my case, the warts were not present until 2 years after my treatment ended. I received radiation (30 treatments) in August/September 2008. I went in for my 3-month anoscope and DRE in September 08 and my colorectal doc discovered them at that time. I had just had a colonoscopy 3 months before that, done by the same doctor. She examined my anal canal during the colonoscopy and the warts were not there then. They seemed to have developed rather fast. She told me they were not cancer but that they must be removed so that they didn't become cancerous. I got along well after the surgery and have had no more warts seen on subsequent exams (knock on wood).

You are welcome for the information. If I can provide anything else, please just ask. I don't know it all, I've just been at this longer than most and have learned a lot along the way. I am thinking all good thoughts for you and I'm sure you will get through this!

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