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Chefdaddy-Mike Hopefully at Disneyland with the kids?

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I pray for all of you each day and am sending cyber-hugs as well. I really miss Chefdaddy Mike and find myself concerned if no news is received for more than a couple of weeks. Has anyone heard from or spoken to him recently? If someone has I would really love to hear how he and the kids are.

Peace to All


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Mike is doing well, he is still not gaining any weight and has a lot of problems eating or keeping anything down. He does have some taste; his PEG was removed a few weeks ago so everything must go through the mouth now

He and the kids are off to Disneyland again and will not be back to later next week, they are doing well.

Take care and God bless

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Pam M
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Thanks for the update.

To any "newbies" peeking in - Mike ("Chefdaddy") is one of this site's prime examples of Murphy's Law in action. It seems like everything that could pop up or go wrong did for Mike. He went through some really bad times. Now he's LIVING proof that our bodies can often withstand an awful lot of punishment, and keep working for us.

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Joined: Aug 2010

You are so right Pam. I am 10 years out on my last cancer treatment. I have several friends with cancer at the moment so I do watch the boards in an effort to glean as much "real" info as possible. Chefdaddy has just stolen my heart. So many of you are just SO inspirational and I feel privileged to know your stories.

Many things have changed since I had my cancer. I wish this site had been available to me then. I was married but felt very much alone. Fortunately, I have survived. Unfortunately, my marriage did not.

I will be "peeking" in here from time to time as my friends travel their journeys.

Love and Peace to all of You.


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Pleased to have someone as yourself (one of the veterans) to join and participate. It's obvious as a ten plus year survivor, that you have and are doing something right.


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It's comforting to hear from you and to know that you are 10 yrs out.

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Ella, you've contributed much to this site just by coming forth and telling us that you're 10 years out. Me, I'll be two years out come Oct. 5, and it gives me a boost to read of your success (though I'm sorry about your marriage).
Thanks, and please, stop by any time!

--Jim in Delaware

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Pam M
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Joined: Nov 2009

Jim's got a point - just seeing "ten years ago" gives us all a boost - keep it up.

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I was also wondering how Mike was doing. Being able to do Disneyland, he must be one strong son of a gun. Keep us updated and let him know how much we miss him

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