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Update on hubby

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Hubby's procedure was 4/27. One of the 5 DaVinci incisions has about a pea-shaped area that won't heal. He has been to doc twice. First time they had him use silver nitrate sticks to 'seal' it and it just kept enlarging the hole. He returned today and they said it is probably just a reaction to the suture material and will close 'eventually'. Mind you, this surgeon was excellent, hubbie has only ever had a few drops daily of leakage and his woody is 'coming along' (pun intended!).
His surgeon has done over 1500 daVinci's.
Anyway, just was curious if anyone else has/had this problem. Not a big deal, just a little annoyance in exchange for kicking cancer's butt! (1st PSA test - THE BIG ZERO CLUB!!)

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My husband and I have had the best summer since his DaVinci procedure on 4/27. It is amazing - I had a bowel obstruction resulting in 2 surgeries in January of this year and one in August of last year, he had the DaVinci, and he also lost his job. But we are more in love than ever (coming up on 29 years) and have gone camping so much this summer in our rv. We are living each day to the fullest and we wouldn't have it any other way!
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
There can be some good to come of this!

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The job news is ugly, but then they do have a habit of shedding insurance costs. It is something I almost expect.

Zero is a wonderful number now. I have one too, and hope to keep it.

But then carrying on together with a future is a reward of its own ...

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So glad your hubby is on the road to recovery and having a good summer!

Enjoy each day.


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Mrs, so glad that your husband is recovering well with only a few speed bumps which you both seem to have smoothed out with a glorious summer agenda. Hope things continue to mend and that everything else works out well too.


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In your previous post about the one of five incisions that was not healing, you asked if it might be an allergic reaction. If this was the case, I would think the other incision sites would have also not healed. I would suggest you consider seeking out a 2nd opinion from a Wound Care Specialist. Many of the larger hospitals have Wound Care Clinics that deal with just this issue--wounds or incisions that need treatment because they do not heal. Hope this helps. Glad you two are doing well.

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Yeah, I'm a nurse and I thought the same thing...why have one not heal and the other ones heal if it was allergic reaction. Didn't make sense but then again, I can put a bandaid on one area of my body and no biggie, whereas in other areas I break out. Jesse's area is very small. In fact, in the last few days, it looks much better. Maybe no treatment is the best treatment of all. However, if it opens again, we'll definitely go the WOCN route. I had thought of that last week, too. Thanks for your input!

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