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Great Day!

Greg53's picture
Posts: 848
Joined: Apr 2010

My day started out with a more than normal amount of hairballage. Proceeded to rain like crazy and got soaked going to my office. When I went to ENT's office, first thing he does is give me one of his dumb jokes (he's the guy who came in the morning of my surgery and said "I would feel great today if I could just get rid of this dang hangover!"). He proceeded to put a garden hose down my nose, then grabbed my tongue with both hands and yanked on it for a half hour. Finished by having me stick my tongue out, open my mouth as wide as I could, say eeeeee and breath thru my nose???? If I was that coordinated I'd be a pro athlete!

But.... everything was normal during the exam and got my 3 month PET results....All Clear!!

Like I said, Great Day!!


Hal61's picture
Posts: 655
Joined: Dec 2009

Hi Greg, that's super news! That's two good looks and two clean slates. I'm surprised he didn't ask you to kiss your own elbow (an old school-yard impossible challenge). Keep doing what you're doing.


Posts: 190
Joined: Feb 2010

spirits good ... check
no cancer ... check...


micktissue's picture
Posts: 430
Joined: Dec 2009

Awesome Greg.



stevenl's picture
Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010

Hey Greg,

That is great news!!!


miccmill's picture
Posts: 248
Joined: May 2010

Great news Greg.

Glenna M's picture
Glenna M
Posts: 1579
Joined: May 2009

Love reading great reports like this, it starts my day off with a smile.

I'm sure now that you have the "All Clear" on the PET you will have many more great days!!

Keep up the good work.

Skiffin16's picture
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Joined: Sep 2009

My morning is getting better and better with each posiive report....

BTW, Greg, who is that guy in your photo.....LOL. Oh it must be the NEW you, looking good bro.


Scambuster's picture
Posts: 973
Joined: Nov 2009

Good to hear your positive news Greg. Breath easy and focus on rebuilding your health.


D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1572
Joined: Jan 2010

Happy to hear it! Go Greg!


sweetblood22's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

Glad u are doing well. Always good to hear good news.

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Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

The "all clear" makes the poking, choking, tugging and prodding not so bad, huh? Keep it up.

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Kent Cass
Posts: 1870
Joined: Nov 2009

Excellent news to hear, Greg.


lady4darknight's picture
Posts: 90
Joined: May 2010


Excellent way to start the day! Great news.


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Joined: Apr 2010

Greg, from now on you may see rainy days as a good thing. I am thrilled that you got the thumbs up. Smiling and crying at the same time (sunshine and rain). Picture looks good too. Breathing a big sigh of relief with you and your family.

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