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Fatty lumps on liver?

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Hello my online family,

Had my follow up appointment today with my cancer nurse, scan is clear but she did mention that I had fatty lumps on my liver, but they were not worried about it. Apprently the radiologist had a good look at the scan. But as some of you know me, it's now stuck in my mind. Since my separation in December, from January to March I was drinking nearly every day (being honest with you all), but then I stopped. I had the dog bite me in April, and I was on co-amoxiclav, had a blood test and my liver results were high. But a month later after stopping drinking, taking viatmins, trying to eat right, the blood test showed my liver was normal apart from GA or something that measures alcahol intake was still slightly high, and I was told by my doctor to behave. Also having IBS symptoms but drinking more water, taking fibre gel etc is helping.
So if I continue to eat right, drink more water etc, exercise, will they go down? I don't know. Next scan is in December, colonscopy next year Hugs to you all.


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...they are called lipomas. Arghhh just as long as thats all they are :-(

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Yeah, I have a fatty liver also. And fatty ankles, and butt, and mostly
all over, now that I took another look...

I drank like a fish for years, and quit for over 20 years (along with
quitting cigarettes). Still..... a fatty liver.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Prepare for fatty liver

Actually, they said that exercise is the best remedy, but all the
"beer runs" I used to do never seemed to help...


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...hehe trust you John to put someone straight :-p

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Paula G.
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Loved your comment, John. I have heard of two of my friends husbands having fatty livers. It would pay to research it Sonia. Good luck. Paula

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On my last test I was told the same thing,that I have a fatty liver,but the doctor told me that I just have to lose weight,and it will go away.My indicators were high too,and if you look at the results it would indicate liver damage,but it's not,it's just the fatty liver.I hope this helps.

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Sonia, are you still in treatment, because fatty liver is a side effect of chemo and the steriods they give us, I had a test in march to determine the amount of fat my liver had, it was low, and now july my cat scan showed i had an markable increase in fatty liver, I am back on chemo and was told that chemo can have this effect on the liver.

My guess is that what we all are experienceing is the effect of chemo and steriods on the liver fat content.

take care

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Hi Sonia,

It's always something with us, isn't it?!
What Winney said makes sense- that it may very well be from the chemo. Maybe a combo of that and the past drinking. I would imagine it's just one of those things to watch, but not a major issue.
Hope you're doing well otherwise- sounds like it. I do think about you a lot, especially since our last conversation.
I have my appt w/ my onc today- nothing dramatic to discuss or anything though.
Since my CEA has been coming down, I may talk to him about postponing my scan that I'm due for in August. It will have been 3 months since my last one. I'll see what he thinks. With my CEA dropping (but still at 38), I'd expect the scan would show some reduction in uptake on the PET and maybe some decrease in size, but nothing dramatic. We'll see- I'm just concerned with the huge amount of radiation I've received. I've literally had more scans in the past 3 years since dx that I can't even begin to remember how many I've had- especially the first year. The onc I had then scanned me every 6 weeks for a while. My onc now has been scanning every 3 months.

Anyhow, Sonia, hope your day and week goes well- keep up the healthier living!!

Cheers, (nope- let's go with "hugs" instead, lol!)


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I know nothing about a fatty liver, but I remember when they did my CT scan when I was 1st diagnosed and they said my liver has broken blood vessels on it, said I was probably born with it. I have not been able to read anything on the internet regarding this condition. I have tried to just forget about it and now refer to it as my Irish liver. (hopefully not offending anyone)

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you guys are great, thank you for your replies. I went to my doctor today as I have the noravirus I know if it's not one thing it's another. Told her about the fatty liver, she said if the hospital wasn't worried I shouldn't be either. Big sis lisa will be pming you soon as I feel better hugs, and Chris my former partner was a decendant from Ireland, my married name being Fitzgerald, the family love drinking and I not being a big drinker before, I was introduced to G&T's and Pimms ;-) lol. It must be an Irish thing, I'm teasing!

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I am glad all is well with the Liver, I have decided I shall name mine Seamus LOL

Fight for my love
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Dear Sonia,life goes on,please don't use other people's fault to punish yourself.Stay healthy,eat right.Take care.Hugsss.

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