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Anybody notice that our emcee Hondo's seems AWOL? and Sweetblood

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Kent Cass
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and Scam. Vacation trips, perhaps?


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I emailed Hondo last week and got a reply (7-10) to the effect he had been in Honuras getting herbal treatment and "detoxing." He said he had a little soreness in the throat and was fighting a nasal infection, but other than that was glad to be back home.


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Hi Guys,

Just back fm a week on Biz in Vietnam. This board is really bitter sweet. I enjoyed NOT coming on here, but then, did miss you guys ;o}

I find it is a good idea to drop out and forget about this part of life for a while. We all need a break sometimes, but that feeling that we just might be able to help even one person that one little bit - to get through their journey, seems to bring us back.

In the saddle.

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Glenna M
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Sweetblood responded to a post on the 16th so she is no longer AWOL. It's nice to know that people are concerned when they don't see any postings from friends for a long period of time ;-)

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Yes I have been on Vacation for the passed 3 to 4 weeks in Honduras and did not have a very good internet connection. I did do some more herbal cleansing and must report my health is in excellent condition, I found a book called the Amazing Power of Healing Plants, all I can say it is a great book.

Take care my friend I am back again

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Pam M
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sounds like the vaca did you some good. Glad to hear it.

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Glad to hear your trip went well Hondo and that you are FEELIN' GOOD. Must check out the new book recommendation.


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Glad you had a great vacation. Hope you are well rested and glad to hear about your health.

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