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First subway sandwich post rads-YUMMY!!

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Posts: 717
Joined: Jan 2010

A celebration-
4 months post rads--my first subway sandwich...mmmm..yummy
Lots of mayo and sweet onion dressing..munch munch munch.

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D Lewis
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Yummy! Good for you! Keep up the good work!


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Joined: Apr 2010

More good news! Keep it up. Eat On!!


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Four months out from treatment and eating a Subway is a good accomplishment. It took me about 5--5 1/2 months before I reached that goal. Now try Wendy's Chicken Sandwich, with just mayo and lettuce. I find chicken and fish sandwiches are about the only fast foods that I can consume whithout making a huge scene. If you have to, use lots of water sips, and just take your time. I do okay with Hot Dogs and for some reason McDonald's fries go well. After 13 months post treatment, I still can't eat a hamburger...(although I contine to try). The ground beef of a fast food processed hamburger just crumbles and falls apart in my mouth due to lack of saliva. I guess it happens to all of us. Bottom line............... I ain't complaining.


PS....Guys, ask the man upstairs to get them to plug that well hole soon. Economically, it's killin us. Thanks.

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Posts: 717
Joined: Jan 2010

The onion sauce and mayo really helped..and I have the other half saved for tomorrow!!

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staceya, super!! I remember how good that first taste of real food is. Glad you're doing so well.
God bless you,

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Pam M
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Great to hear - I'd love to have a Subway sandwich (well, REALLY would like Penn Station,but would also love Subway). Jealous, but very happy for you. I always did like the sweet onion sauce with chicken. Who's to say? I'll be at the four month mark later this week - maybe I'll be able to do bread soon (so far, I can do a top or bottom bun on some sandwiches). Enjoy - I know even the leftovers will be good. Keep it up

greg from pa
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Joined: Jun 2010

congrrats on that subway. I love those subway club.I am only 3 weeks into treatment so I am trying to eat as much as I can. My mask is getting a little tight LOL.enjoy and thanks for sharing! Greg

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Joined: Feb 2010

I am 7 months out and just tried my first one also. The bread was and still is a killer for me. Seems as long as there is some moistness to things they go down pretty good. Still takes quite a bit of effort though. But congrats Stacey

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Glenna M
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That's great news Stacey. Bread seems to be one of the hardest things for most of us and to have eaten half of a Subway sandwich (even with extra mayo and sweet onion sauce) is a major accomplishment.


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I've been craving a Subway turkey and avocado with the works and especially muchos mas jalapenos and hot mustard (but no mayo please) and Fritos, oh my, I love Fritos with my sandwich and wash it all down with a Dr Pepper or a Cherry Coke (add lemon slices to either and it's awesome). That is what I'm going to eat/drink when I can celebrate being able to eat and drink. It's completely "off the menu" according to Claire but for my celebratory meal I think I get to choose, don't you? ;-)

14 weeks post-treatment and no meaningful ability to swallow food in sight :-(



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I hate to hear all the stories about not being able to eat, but I must say it makes me feel "normal" as a H&N Cancer patient. I am 14 weeks post treatment also and can only eat yogurt, pudding, cereal, but no breads or good solid foods. I am hopeful that both of us will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with the family and enjoying all the "fixins".
I went to a speech therapist who gave me some exercises and also a few menu's of what to try. She recommended corn flakes and I went out a bought some, they were great. Eat while crispy! Also, I eat something new whenever I can to try new options. Right now, my options are only liquid, semi liquid, or smooth to the pallet. I drink Jamba Juice all the time, because of the calories.
Just wanted to say, you're "normal" like me. We hope to eat but can't and I'm never hungry! I still have a peg tube and if it weren't for that, I'd lose weight like crazy. I have held my weight for 2 months now and keep hoping for the mouth,tongue, etc to again crave good food!
Keep your chin up and enjoy the day,
All the best

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Posts: 430
Joined: Dec 2009

Hey Steve,

The speech pathologist had me try some thickened juice and I think some of it went down!She and the ENT are going to give me another 4 weeks and then perhaps try a procedure to open the throat. I don't have any obstructions and the muscles are working correctly (I don't aspirate when swallowing) so that makes me a good candidate for the procedure. I'm ok with waiting; it makes the first taste of that subway sandwich that much more gratifying!

LOL - I just realized that this experience is teaching me the value of delayed gratification, although I would not recommend it to anyone ;-)



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Joined: Feb 2010

Glad for you, I know how it feels, I just got done with Barb-B-Que Ribs, and a Chocloate Malt, I am proud to say I gained 7-lbs from last week, 140-147...I still hate thie trach and it irritatoes my throat I am at least gaining...Keep up the good work Stacey.

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It's really a great feeling to be able to come out the other side and be able to enjoy one of lifes simple pleasures like a nice meal out, a tasty sammy, or yummy donut.
I'm very happy for you!

Posts: 665
Joined: Apr 2010

Way to go Stacey!

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Joined: Jul 2010

That's great. You're the same as me, 4 months post rads. Actually I'm a little further out, almost 5 months now that I think about it. Time flies. Being Italian, food was always something to be enjoyed with family and friends. I had a Wendys Jr Bacon Deluxe yesterday, a Ralley's Fish sandwich today.

I haven't been to Subway, but it's on my list. I still have trouble with bread and fries. I miss those Ralley fries, not that I don't try to eat them, but just can't do it yet easily. Some day though.

delnative's picture
Posts: 450
Joined: Aug 2009

That's a real milestone. Congratulations!
I remember how proud I was of myself when, about two months out, I was able to eat a small order of McDonald's fries on my way home from seeing the cancer docs. I never, ever eat at Mickey D's, but something told me to pull over and try the fries. They tasted great.

--Jim in Delaware

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Welcome back to some good eats....

Thanks also, joined you and Roz on Face Book....


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Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010

Hey Stacey,

Congrats on the sandwich!!! I just had my first burrito and 2 tacos, it was great. Good to be able to start eating foods we like again. You go girl!!


sweetblood22's picture
Posts: 3228
Joined: Jan 2010

Stacey I am really happy for you! That's awesome. I am jealous tho. Still eating limited mush and still have my PEG. 14 months out. :(
Keep up the good work.

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Posts: 717
Joined: Jan 2010

Thanks everybody!! I swear that was one of the best things I have ever eaten!!

micktissue's picture
Posts: 430
Joined: Dec 2009

Hey Steve,

How cool you ate a burrito and tacos. I read that and immediately put it on my food list. I want crispy chicken tacos from Las Palmas in Santa Cruz (2 hour drive for me), and the soft chicken tacos with re-fried beans from Mi Pueblo (downtown Petaluma, walking distance).




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Wow...I am sooo jealous!!!


Posts: 56
Joined: Apr 2010

Good to hear that you are enjoying food again! :)

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