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"It's Bad"

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As I've posted here over the last several weeks, my Mom was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma, had total hysterectomy two weeks ago today. This past Monday (6/7) we got a call from her gynecologist who told us they found cervical cancer. She went to her gynecologist oncologist today. My Dad went with her and that was the way they wanted it, just the two of them. When the gynecologist called Monday he said the addition of cervical cancer didn't change the treatment/prognosis. WRONG. The oncologist told my parents today that there are five types of endometrial cancer, 3 slow growing and 2 very aggressive. My Mom was diagnosed with the 2nd "very aggressive" form. She will be getting a port-a-cath on July 13th and start chemo the same day. She will be doing one chemo round a week for 3 weeks and then off a week and then 3 weeks and off a week (this goes for 6 months). We went from well differentiated endometrial cancer to endometrial and cervical cancer to very aggressive endometrial cancer. The doctor said it is stage 1 of the 2nd most aggressive endometrial cancer. I do not understand any of this. I've read a lot on here but haven't seen anyone who has had to do 6 months of chemo or is that what 6 rounds means. I am still in shock I think. I'm very very very very scared right now as well. I live alone and it has hit me like a ton of bricks since I walked in the door a few minutes ago. Anyone with any insight into this kind of cancer and chemo, please help. Any advice that anyone can give on how I can help my Mom. I knew that it was bad news when I got to my parents house and they weren't home from the doctor 2 hours after the scheduled time and Dad got out of the car first and just looked at me and said "it's bad". I just don't know where to turn or what to do or how to come to grips with this thing that is attacking my Mom.


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I am so sorry to hear your mum has this cancer,
you will find a lot of help with you questions from the women here who have been through it,
myself , I was told I had endometrial cancer stage 4 b grade 3 in june of last year and had historectomy in july I stated on chemo same as your mum 6 rounds actually 2 days every 3 weeks with a newlasta shot 24 hr after last chemo. each time. cisplatin , taxol, and andromisin.
I just had my 6 month visit and no cancer detected, and there are many more here that have been cancer free after chemo for years .
any questions , just ask I know many will try to help you and answer as best they can
praying for ya all.

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When I was diagnosed my first thought was about my children and how this would affect them. I wanted them to go on and not be worried about me. I think the best thing you can do for your Mom is to do as you are doing. Gather information, talk about how you are feeling, develop a network of support, and above all stay positive. The last thing mentioned, staying positive may be the most difficult but is the one that may help her the most. In the beginning of this cancer journey I looked for the little nuggets of positive thought. They helped sustain me in the dark days when I was so afraid.

I will be thinking of you, dear. Praying for you, your Mom and your family. May she find peace and healing.

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I was diagnosed Stage 2A of two types of the rare and aggressive cells. UPSC and clear cell carcinoma. I have been cancer free for 1-1/2 years and feel great.

This is a very scary time for your family, please have your Mom join us on the board. It is a wealth of information and we have amazing, strong women on this board.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.




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Cecile Louise
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I'm so sorry to hear that your Mother is ill, but glad you've come here. "Here" is a place you can vent, cry, ask questions and learn, and get support from a wonderful community of women.
I was diagnosed with stage 1b endometriod and uterine papillary serous (one of the aggressive ones) 2-1/2 years ago. Had a total hysterectomy and 6 rounds of chemo which were 1 treatment a week, then 3 weeks off, then 1 treatment, an so forth until I had had 6 treatments total. And here I am, 2-1/2 years later with No Evidence of Disease! Being diagnosed with cancer is not only scary and shocking to the patient, but to our loved ones as well. Please know that we are here for you and already there are many people praying and sending positive thoughts your way.
Let us know how you are doing.

In faith & hope,

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Diane these girls are all so comforting. We have all gone through the same thing like your mom and dad. Yes I know its bad, when I was diagnosed I was determined not to stress my children and my husband more than they had already been. So I developed a very positive attitude and began the journey. I was diagnosed with stage 1a one of the very rare uterine cancer and aggressive. I am now six months and first ct can shows that I am in remission. Your mom will be getting six sessions of chemo. Oh!!!!!! I can just imagine whats going on with you, your dad and mom, but my darling its not the end of the world, cancer medicine has come a long way and mom is going to be alright, the initial shock is what does it to us.Ask questions and look for the cancer fighting remedies along with what your doctor says. Tell mom that she can fight this monster, we all are doing that fighting the beast. Please take care of your self and look out for dad. Stress contributes greatly to illness. Let mom know that this is the time that she has to be strong and positive. I really feel your pain and wish that I can take away some from you and the family. How old is mom? Diane, we are all stronger that you can imagine. Our God has created us in a way to be strong when it comes to these crossroads and its unimaginable how much we can endure. Be strong my love and tell mom we are rooting for her. I send you strength and comfort. June

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As you've read here, all of us had the news about cancer and in the end have endured thru the paths. Some have been in remission since last treatment and others had recurrence, but rebounded.

I'm always been a positive believer -- MIND OVER MATTER!!! Know God gives us tools to get thru life and one of them is support of friends and family. You've got friends here and we want to support you, listen to your concerns and comfort you during times of stress.

If you have a group of good doctors that can guide you, that's very important. But...on your side ask them lots of questions, confirm what they aren't suggesting for treatments and in the end feel comfortable with the direction they've given you. If you don't have that deep down gut feeling of their direction, go outside the group and consult with other docs. In the end we can be winners if we keep the positive vibes going and pray for guidance thru our higher power.

I've completed treatments last July and still no sign of cancer. I refuse to allow this devil to come back and am doing everything in my power to be postive and think positively.

Best of luck and we're here for you, so come back and let us know how you and your family are doing...


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Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, but am so happy that you found this board. If you just read through many of the posts, you will learn sooooo much. I know what a blow it is to hear that your Mom has cancer, but trust me, you will all get through this and meet many wonderful people on the journey!

The prior posts have given you good suggestions....stay positive, gather all the information that you can find, and be there for your Mom and your Dad! You can do this!
Keep asking questions or venting here any time you want!

Best wishes....Karen

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Hi everyone. I cried myself a river of tears last night and got about 2 hours sleep before I got up to face the world to go to work at 4:30am. Went over to Mom and Dad's after work to checkup on her and she is okay (still looks on the verge of tears but trying to be strong for me). My younger sister and her husband and son are taking dinner over this evening for Mom and Dad. That will be nice for them, since the only faces Mom has really since her surgery are mine and Dad's and I'm sure she is tired of seeing mine all the time (ha ha). Gives me a break to come home for the night and get stuff done at my apartment. I've got her chemotheray packet tonight and plan on devouring all the information I can. To me, knowledge is power. I am determined to learn all I can about the cancer and chemo drugs, etc. In that way, I feel I can better help Mom when the chemo starts. I read all your responses and seems that the #1 thing is to stay positive. I promise I will get there soon, but still in the trying to accept stage. I have to be strong for Mom. When I got to the house, I got on here and showed her what I had written late last night and showed her your responses, she can't sit for long periods in their computer chair yet due to the surgery so I read them to her. She will probably get on here as soon as she feels stronger and in less pain. She was amazed at the response from people who don't even know us. I'm sure I am gonna have a lot of questions once I start reading and researching. I appreciate all the support you are giving. If it weren't for you all, I don't know who I would have turned to. This is the best place for me to be and Mom to know about. I'm still scared but that will get better soon. I've been down the cancer road with Mom twice before with breast cancer for her but this feels sooooo much different. By the way, she is 71 years old and she and my Dad have known each other since they were like 16 and we are planning a huge blowout party for them for their 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on June 25. Mom has said she is not gonna let anything spoil their anniversary.


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Posts: 706
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Diane, I was so glad to see your post tonight! A positive attitude AND knowledge are truly powerful! Your Mom is so lucky to have you as her advocate. I am glad you showed your Mom this site....if she is not feeling like posting, she can have you post in her behalf. You are doing a wonderful job. And by the way, tears are O.K. We have all shed plenty!!

Your Mom sounds awesome...am so glad that she is not going to let ANYTHING ruin the 50th Anniversary celebration. You will cherish that time immensely!!

Big hugs to you, your Mom and your Dad!!


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I can see that you are beginning to feel better. Good for you and for mom. Keep strong and don't forget dad. When I got sick, my husband did'nt seem too worried. but four months later he got sick. He is ok now. I hope you guys have a blast for the anniversary. God bless you and the family. Hugs June

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Here is hoping a great 50th ANNIVERSARY for your Mom!!! No cloud to rain on her parade!!

Diane, I find if I dwell on what might be, I miss what is happening now. Look at each day as a treasure. None of us are promised tomorrow. Whether we have cancer or not, tomorrow is tomorrow. Live today and you will be blessed. When those negative thoughts start to creep in and try to steal the joy of today, banish them with the thought, I am going to enjoy this life one minute at a time. Not spend it worrying about what might have been. But, rather thriving on what is here and now. That goes for both you and your Mom. May she be blessed with only happy thoughts. She already is blessed with a loving daughter. She is rich.

At my darkest time right after the surgery last October, I lay in a hospital bed. Anti-embolism hose, bandages all over my middle, catheter in bladder, so many IV's hanging they needed two poles!! etc. In pain and in a bad place mentally. The aid comes in and opens the curtains and says, "Ok, now you gonna get up and take a shower." I said, "Let me just lay here." She said, "You lay there, you gonna die." This gal pulled not punches. I made a decision at that moment to get my rear end out of the bed and take that life giving shower. And I did. One painful step after the next. It has been that way ever since. One step at a time.

Please let your Mom know we are rooting for her. I hope she kicks up her heels for her Anniversary!!! Norma

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