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lousy news

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Hey guy's got hit with the bombshell today, the cancer is back, but not from my original Head and Neck, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgins Lymphoma. Apparently this has no known correlation with my orginal cancer, I feel like a belong to the cancer of the month club! I have a spinal tap scheduled a week from now ,along with my appt. to put in my port. Thanks for all of the support, and know that I will fight to the end......

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I know the news is bad but don’t give up hope, I had to go through it 3 times before I finally got it to stop, and life after cancer 3 times is still great.

I will continue to keep you in prayer my friend

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Sorry to hear that you have to go to battle once again. I know the feeling, seems to knock us harder when we hear those words again. I've done two bouts with this, but as Hondo mentioned, life is still great.

You will be in our Prayers and I'm sure you WILL give it Hell.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

you guys are the best, I really do try to live life every day, I said this a million times the only thing that I can control is my attitude, so better to be happy then sad!!!! Thanks again guys!

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You've beat it already so you know the fight and the routine to kill it again.....

You are right on as for attitude, I've seen the positive results. Power of Prayer, Faith, Family and Friends.....

Best of Luck, God Bless

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is this the kind of cancer that you can get bone marrow for and go into remission?
or is that something else?


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Joined: Nov 2006

it can get to the bone marrow, but this is still considered a lymphoma type cancer which travels through the blood stream..........

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Vinny, you are in my prayers. As has been said, its time to suit up again for the fight and I'm sure you will be the champion again! You have a wonderful attitude and that is very important. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. We will be praying and thinking of you.
Glenna, you said you went thru radiation 2 times and I'm wondering, my doc said if my cancer came back they couldn't do rad a second time, why is that when they do for some? Does it depend on the cancer, how many trmnts you had or something else? Thanks for the info.
God Bless you all.

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Pam M
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time to put the cancer-butt kickin' boots back on. Sorry you have to. Do well

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Glenna M
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Sorry to hear you will have to start fighting all over again. It sure seems like one fight should be all anyone has to go through but cancer doesn't work that way.

I saved myself time and got two different types of cancer at once ;-) so I was treated for both at the same time, except the radiation, I had to go through that twice, once for the laryngeal cancer and again for the lung cancer. Unfortunately this does not mean I won't have to fight again but I'm praying that I don't.

Take care and stay strong, we are all here for you. Glenna

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... but it pours.
You can beat this one too. Keep the faith.

--Jim in Delaware

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I am so sorry you have to go through another battle! My thought's & prayer's are with you!

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Kent Cass
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This new thing may not be of H&N, but I hope you'll keep active here to let us know how this battle is going. Yes. And, yes, sorry to hear the news. I confess ignorance on how this might be treated, or what kinda battle is down the road for you. Know we all want to hear about it.

Stay Positive, Vinny. You done battle with a different C, and won. This new C don't know the kinda foe he's up against. Probably heard you've been in the ring before, but might not even know it was H&N C you put on the canvas, and had to be carried unconscious back to the locker room. You know the battle you fought with H&N, Vinny, as do we. You won that, and you can win this. You be rolling up them shirtsleeves any time now...Stay Positive- know you can win this fight, too, with the Drs. you got in your corner, and



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Jim I noticed a lot of people from upper Delaware area with head and neck cancer. I am from Talleyville, off Concord Pike about 2 miles from the mall, and I have it. It just seems ironic

Posts: 43
Joined: Jun 2010

Jim I noticed a lot of people from upper Delaware area with head and neck cancer. I am from Talleyville, off Concord Pike about 2 miles from the mall, and I have it. It just seems ironic

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