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Husband first check in with ENT tomorrow

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Hubby has first check in with his ENT since he finished chemo/radiation last year. He's been seeing the rad. onc. and the reg. onc. each every three months since June 2009. There's is no reason to believe anything's going on as his checkins have been good and his CT scan last June and PET scan last Sept. were both great. However, I am a total basketcase. Neither one of us has licked the smoking habit yet as we've had quite a lot going on. We tried Chantix and both were so nauseated with it we had to give it up. I have lost my teaching job due to a lot of politics going on and my principal turned out to be a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde!

He's having no problems. He does have to clear his throat a lot but does not feel like there's a lump or anything in it and has no trouble swallowing. We both know we have to quit smoking that's a given - it's just getting to that point. He also just finished having cataract surgery on both eyes which turned out wonderful. I'm not planning on going to this appointment with him since I'd probably just sit in the waiting room and be a nervous wreck. His appointment is at 10:20 tomorrow morning. Please pray for us. I asked him if he was nervous/apprehensive and he said well, yes, anybody would be who's been through this which I certainly agree with and I told him I just could not handle him smoking anymore that if we have to just throw the suckers away and pull each other's hair out for two weeks we'll just have to do that. I just lost a cousin to adeniocarcinoma of the lung that had spread to the bones already when she was diagnosed and she was life long non-smoker! A very close friend of mine has a brother with esophgeal cancer that has spread and in his last months of life. So you see why I'm such a basketcase. We have no children and my husband is my life as I am his! Any words of encouragement will certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Jan and Charlie,

I found out I had cancer and after smoking 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes for 40 years quit cold turkey in 2 days. Please for your own sakes quit smoking!! And best of luck on the doctor visit.


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Jan and Charlie, I UNDERSTAND about the cigs. I went to see a hypnotist to quit. It went well and I quit for 7 months. Then, I lost my nephew who was more like my OWN son and that did it for me. As you know, when things go wrong the first thing a true smoker does is grab a cig. Well I did and have been trying to quit again ever since. Anytime I think of my nephew, I want another cig. I can't think of him, see his picture, speak his name, etc, because it tears me apart. It truly makes me not want to go on, yet when I smoke, I feel like the worst piece of crap that ever lived and between the smoking and loss of my nephew, I get so damn depressed that I truly don't know what to do. I'm thinking I may have to be hypnotized again. Sorry for vented, rambling, my point is if you haven't tried being hypnotize, you may want to give it a try. It can work. Before my newphew, I never even thot of cigs and absolutely could not stand the smell of them.
I will be praying for you and your husband to quit and also that I am also praying he gets an all clear from the doc tomorrow. Please be sure to let us know, either way. I'm glad you are both bless with each other. that has to make everything a little easier. Take care and please keep trying to give up the cigs and I will too. If my other half ever finds out that I've smoked he will leave me. He already told me that. Said he couldn't watch me suffer like I did going thru the cancer. He took EXCELLENT care of me and I don't think I could have done it w/o him so that is another GREAT reason I have to quit. You have each other as a reason to quit. You both want to be around for quite a while.
God Bless you friend and take care.

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Jan Trinks
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Thanks debbiejeanne. Please don't worry about venting or rambling. I have several nieces and nephews myself. I am the youngest of five and I have five nieces and three nephews and two great nieces; one which is my namesake. Charlie and I took care of my brother (I have three brother (two now) and one sister. The youngest older brother lived with us for 12 years after our mother was killed in a car accident two day before Christmas of '96. To make a long story short he was a Viet Nam Vet and one of the most caring and giving people you would ever meet. We're all very close, but he and I were especially close. He was living with our mother at the time of her death and had been married and divorced three times! Wasn't too lucky in love. Anyway, he started having seizures in 92 and some mini strokes and he moved in with us so we could get situated with the VA here. He was a very outgoing, party type of guy and would give you the shirt off his back. Also, had the gift of gab. Well, in March of 97 he pretty much quit talking but still did pretty good for several years and then in 2007 had an overwhelming blood and urinary tract infection that put him in the VA hospital for 16 days; 8 of which were spent in ICU on life support; but came back from (had quit walking a couple of years before this) that; was able to come home and we got sitters for him and did pretty well until June of 2008. He developed a MRSA wound and respiratory problems and went into the VA in June of 2008 until he died in Nov. 2008 at the VA hospital - the day after Thanksgiving -three days before my husband began his chemo! It was quite a week. We left the day after my husband's first chemo; went to Chatt. TN for my brother military funeral and burial at National Cemetary and we are from there originally. My husband was a real trooper - he had the chemo pack on him the whole time and didn't get it off until the Friday we got back. Then he had bad side effects from it which landed him in the hospital for three days the next week!! But the docs got it worked out and he perservered and had the other 2 chemos (he had 3 inductive chemos and 35 rad. treatments). He is also a recovering alchoholic for 13 plus years now - so I've been telling him if he can quit drinking; go through chemo and radiation - he can quit smoking and me too. Our 35th anniversary is the 28th of this month and we are so connected. He was wonderful to my brother and was right along beside me for the 12 years we looked after him. I don't think many brother-in-laws would have done what Charlie did for Robert - not just because somebody had to do it but his willingness and the love he showed him can never be repaid.

I'm so sorry about your nephew. I would be devastated if I lost one of my nieces or nephews too. They're all grown but I've seen them grow up and I am especially close to them.

So now you can see why I said don't worry about rambling or venting! Thanks so much for your response, encouragement and suggestions. Will let you know how we're doing.

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Posts: 3093
Joined: Jan 2010

Jan, I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. Robert sounds like he was a really special person. It is awful what all he had to suffer. I am truly sorry. Your husband also sounds like a great person. You're right, not too many in-laws would willing take care of someone, I know that from experience. Your husband is also a very STRONG person and you are so right, after all he has been thru and all he has quit, he can definitely put the cigs down. It will be easier if you both quit at the same time, that way one isn't smoking and tempting the other.
Jan, my memory is not good at all so let me wish you and Charlie an early HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I hope you do something really speical. Take care and hang in there. Good luck with quitting, I be praying and keeping my fingers crossed.
God Bless my friend,

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Kind of interesting the various approaches to monitoring and treatment.

My ENT was and still is the lead MD on my cancer team. He diagnosed me, setup everything and has been actively involved through out starting with the inital visit on January 2, 2009.

I finished chemo, then concurrent chemo/rads last June 2009. My ENT and the Chemo MD see/saw me every 6 - 8 weeks, the rads MD is every six months. The ENT scopes me each time, hands on, feeling and examining me. He feels that all of the technology is great, but nothing beats good ole hands on exams. The chemo doctor had me do a CT and blood work each time.

In March my blood count numbers all finally fell back into the normal ranges. That pushed my chemo doctor out to six months also, with my next exam being a PET this coming August.

My ENT still has me come in every 6 - 8 weeks until my next which is in August. He feels the first year post treatment is the most critical. Once past that the chances for re-occurance are much less than that first year.


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Kent Cass
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Like John, my ENT is the lead- he orders the Pet Scans. Every 3-months I see him. Said will be moved, soon, to 6-months, as I'm now in year #2, post-treatment. Do still see the Onco and Rad, but the ENT and my Dentist do more in checking me out. Onco also has me draw blood, but not a CT, which I get immediately after the PS.


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As a former smoker (1972-1992) I understand where you're coming from. I also understand that the nature of addiction is such that some people are able to quit with little problem -- I was one of them -- and others are not.
That said, you simply must quit.
There is no other choice.

--Jim in Delaware

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Praying and wishing you all the best with the ENT tomorrow

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