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How much fluid to drink and protein to consume during taxol/carboplatin treatments

hopeful girl 1
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Is it correct to drink 64 ounces (8 cups a day) of fluids while on taxol/carboplatin?
I think I do find that this amount helps me feel better, unless it is just coincidence so far in the timing that I began to try more fluids.

Also, is there a certain amount of protein that is good? One of our group recommended two scoops of protein powder a day. I have been drinking at least two Ensures a day which I believe have about 13 g of protein each, plus whatever protein is in the foods I eat.
Are there any foods that have worked out for people during appetite loss etc?
I do have some whey protein powder I have not gotten into yet, so perhaps I will bust that out as well. Also, has anyone used protein bars? I think some have 23 g of protein.

Thank you all, and peace and healing to everyone!

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I think most of these questions I answered in an earlier post from you.

Check it out...