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Possible Assistance with cost of Ensure

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The American Cancer Society just told me about and organization that might help with the cost of Ensure. Their website is www.pparx.org and phone 1-888-477-2669.

I just printed out an application and plan on sending it in. It appears to be finacial based.

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That is great news thank you for sharing

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In Florida there is a grocery chain called Publix, they have thier brand of Ensure with the exact ingredients, nutrient value, calories, minerals, vitamins, etc...for about $2.00 less per six pak...

They might have another store in your area that has something similar.


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I love your screen name. Do you know if it has to be ensure? can it be nutren or other canned food suppliment? I just got my bill, last months cases were $1300.00 something. Or 1500.00 something??? I forget, but what I do remember is that I have to pay $200 and change out of it that insurance does not cover. I just added up my "food bill for the month" and for someone who does not eat anything and weighs 95lbs soaking wet, how do I spend $500 a month or more? I can't wait till my health insurance goes up to $622 a month. This is why I am stuck in one room living with my gram.....sheesh.

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Does insurance cover boost and ensure?

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I know my flexible spending account would not cover it. I thought that since it was in the medical part of the store that it would be covered. I have not been able to find any generic around here but Sam's Club has it for $32.00 case.

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My ins covered it. I have Humana Ins. Good luck.

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I called them today to see if they needed to have a prescription from the doctor and they explained it just had to be recommended. They were very nice, so I would call them and ask.

I am glad you like my screen name. My one yellow cat is named Puma, he weighs about 21 pounds and we always call him Pumakitty.

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D Lewis
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I'm currently using the canned product Jevity, supplied by the feeding pump. It was ordered via doctor's prescription. I haven't been billed yet, so I'm assuming my insurance company is still mulling over whether it is a covered expense or not. I'll know when I get my next "Explanation of Benefits."

Speak to your hospital's cancer concierge, or triage nurse, or social worker about your food needs. Back when I was subsisting on Ensure, my oncologist's nurse was able to order it through the hospital pharmacy. It cost less than half what my local supermarkets and mega-stores were charging for it.

Best of luck to everyone trying to keep themselves nourished without breaking the bank.


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Kent Cass
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United Healthcare did not cover the Jevity that kept me going for 8-weeks. That's why I tried the least expensive/more concentrated stuff. The 1.5 requires 7 feedings/day. My Jevity only required 4, and was cheaper. FYI, Deb.

Puma- need an update on how things are with your Dad. Trust me, and



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I also had UHC they coevered IsoSource 1.5 for me. I tried the stronger versions of all the canned stuff, but my stomach just couldn't handle it. Then we tried the ensure and even though it had less calories I was able to make up the difference with more bottles.
Best Wishes & Prayers

P.S. Kent we are heading out to friends in SD this summer, maybe we can meet as we will be going by the Quad Cities?

friend of Bill
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When I got my tube out I couldn't get them to stop sending the stuff - something made by Nestle for diabetics. Cases piled up, they wouldn't take it back. I called my oncologist's nurse saying I wanted to donate it. Within 4 hours a head/neck patient's friend was in our driveway to pick up. Might be worth a call especially if your using something for which there is a substitute. And yes as Sweet said the bills were for $1200.00 per cycle for which ins paid about $1,000.00. Good luck.


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