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'Vegetative Growth'? What the heck is that?

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Anyone know what that means? Got a report back from a pelvic ultrasound and never saw that term before. Of course I will ask my oncologist just wondered if anyone had heard of it before. I think it's on the cyst they found but apparently it hadn't shown up in the previous scan. Vegetative? What, am I growing broccoli in there now? Oh joy, something new, sigh.

Any feedback on this terminology? Didn't want to google it then scare the heck out of myself so thought I would ask.



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Never heard it in reference to OVCA. Keep us posted on how the doctor explains. If he says you are growing vegetables...run...do not walk...to another doctor!

LOL...Broccoli...you are funny!


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vegetative medical dictionary

1. Concerned with growth and with nutrition.

2. Functioning involuntarily or unconsciously, as the vegetative nervous system.

3. Resting, denoting the portion of a cell cycle during which the cell is not involved in replication.

4. Of, pertaining to or characteristic of plants.

(11 Mar 2008)

I would guess number 3. Let's hope that it's not broccoli :)

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