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bag leakage

deborah peterman
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hi my dad just recently had his bladder removed ad he is healing very well but the bag leaks while he sleeps due to a dimple or indent between his belly button and the stomas and the bag doesn't seal properly. has anyone had a problem with the bag not sealing properly due to a dimple or indent. If so does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this problem. I would greatly appreciate any solutions to this issue.

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you need to explain what is actually leaking.
is he using a 2-piece or 1-piece appliance ?
What brand, what is the exact part # of the flange and of the pouch ?

The materials and components of the actual adhesive surface varies from
one supplier to another ......and ( more importantly ) varies within a single brand.

Some flange material is more flexible than others.
Some flanges are flat, some are shaped or contoured, pre-cut or self-cut
The adhesive surface could be anything from Stomahesive, Durahesive, tape
or other ..

Without knowing what leaks; how it leaks; when it leaks; where it leaks; what the stoma is like (round, misshapen, recessed or prolapsed); what the para-stomal skin is like (flat, irregular or sunken ); how the appliance is applied, and by whom (self or other); the "bag leakage" could be from any one or more of a thousand things.

The lack of specifics is likely why there have been no replies to your query.

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Hi I hope this isn't too late to help your Dad. I use Ekin Seals to keep my bag from leaking. I mold it to the flange around the hole. It does a great job. Good Luck.

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My husband had the same problem. First week after surgery was a nightmare. Leaking and then tearing off the skin when you tried to take off the part that was not leaking. Paste and disks were a mess and didn't work. Home health care worker suggested Hollister and I ordered 2 piece New Image cut to fit flat skin barriers and new image pouches and that was the end of the leaking. It has been 4 months with only one incident of leakage and that was after a procedure where a nurse put it on. They stay on, but come off so easy when you take them off. I also use a skin barrier wipe and let dry before applying the seals. Good luck Barbara

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