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newly dx'd

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Hey, I am newly diagnosed with CLL and the funny thing is I don't feel "sick" but haven't felt well for a long time. My PCP gave me a dx of Chronic Fatigue several months ago, but looking back on it, I think it was CLL all along. This past winter I stayed sick. Started with sinus, then the flu, then bronchitis, then pneumonia, then another round of bronchitis, I noticed that I was feeling bloated all the time, even retaining fluids. The doc gave me lasix 40 mg per day and it still wasn't pulling the water off. I still feel so bloated, can eat just a few bites and am full to the miserable feeling. My PCP says that it will be a long time before I need chemo, but wants to do monthly CBC's....will this tired and run down feeling ever go away, will the bloating in my belly go away? ANYONE??? I am a single mom and right now, I am scared...

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Hi, it sounds to me that you need to see an oncologist as soon as possible. I am not saying your pcp is not good but this is a specialty with so many new treatments. Do you have a major medical center nearby? You can find an oncologist there. Good luck and God bless you.

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