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Update on Mammogram discussion

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The radiology place called me this AM and said they would like to look at previous films. Freaked me out big time. I have had 4 mammograms in the last 9 years or so (I know....but they NEVER came back suspicious or anything other than perfectly normal, so I wasn't as good about getting the test done as I should have been).

I picked up the oldest ones today (2000 and 2001) and took them over. The newer ones are at a different facility and they archive every few years, so I can't get those for them until tomorrow, or maybe Monday.

The only positive I can think of is if there is anything there, it's not obvious or large, otherwise it would have triggered a call to my gyno/oncologist, and he would have sent me for more tests or a biopsy, or something. Is that reasonable, or am I being Pollyanna-ish?

I don't think this would have bothered me before the OVC, but now anything that sends up a "cancer flag" just sends me right over the ragged edge.


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Without a baseline for comparison, imaging isn't nearly as useful. They probably just want a baseline to compare your most recent mammogram against. Remember how that always say, when you have your first CT-scan or your first PET-scan, "that'll give us a baseline for comparison." And I read the notes on my last CT/PET scan and it said that the new scan was compared against my last 2 scans.

So, please don't read too much into this request. This may just be thoroughness on their part. Good pathologoists and radiologists are always pretty anal. ((((Hugs))))

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Thanks, Linda....

I think what really has me freaked out is the fact that they have never (and by they, I mean either of two different radiology places) asked for comparison films before.


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They are probably just being super cautious because of your OVCA history. (Isn't it nice to be able to say HISTORY?) :)

As my husband would say, stay positive and good things will happen. (He used to be such an eyore, I think I'm having a good effect on him!)

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!



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Thanks, Leesa....I guess I will just have to wait and see what they have to say. They won't tell you a thing, of course, in the meantime. Makes me absolutely crazy! I hate it when other people know stuff that I don't!

How are plans for that mohawk coming?


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Hello Carlene,

Usually if anything suspicious developed, it was amazing how fast those "concerned test results" would be in my oncologists office in no time; upon which that phone call was being made to me.

I think too it may be just be thoroughness. So I would just enjoy the upcoming weekend, because tomorrow is another day and we leave worrying for another day .

Take care,


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cancer survivor x 4
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I am not telling you this to scare you and I am sure you have the best doctor's in the country, but the third time I had breast cancer, they were micro calcifications. They went ahead and did a biopsy and they were malignant. They were also very small. Please ask the doctor about them again. Take them out now just in case. It's an out patient surgery and they can clear the margins and send you home. Even if they are malignant you will be fine. GET IT EARLY. I know alot about this. Paula

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It's true; former films are needed for comparison.

Also, have you had any weight changes? I know that can
effect things (the technician has always asked if I've
"had any weight loss or gain of 5lbs or more?"). So if
you have; be sure to tell the radiologist technician.
I once had to have a 2nd mammo after losing some weight,
and it ended up being fine.

Hang in there. I know the waiting is the hardest part~

~Susan xoxo

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I took the rest of the films by there on Friday. I asked when the radiologist might look at them. The receptionist said Monday.......or maybe Tuesday. She said they would call me, so if I haven't heard from them by Wednesday morning, I'm calling them.

I know that non-cancerous calcifications are sometimes related to caffeine consumption, and I drink a lot of coffee. I hope they don't tell me I need to stop. Seriously.......I have a shirt that says "Instant human......just add coffee".


garden gal
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had a mammogram done and found on each breast "something". they did an ultra sound and told her it was time to see a surgeon, needless to say we we're a basket case with worry, I can handle my cancer but don't let anything happen to my daughter. Saw the surgeon and ordered MRI, thank god, it was not breast cancer, it was what they call cystic breast (not sure of the spelling) we we're so relieved. Just recently I had a mammo done and recieved a letter asking for more images, OK freak time again. My onocologist called and told me they spotted a lymph node that we already new about and it was not breast cancer, sigh of relief again. Of course I'm hoping the chemo will take care of the node that showed up which is almost in my armpit. It's very hard having test done and waiting for the results or an explanation. I'v always said just tell me and I will deal with it. Knowing in my book is better than not knowing. I really hope this is just they want another image to compare it too. Hang in there, can you call your ppc maybe they can shed some light on this for you, just a thought. Kathy

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