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Sarcoma under shoulder muscle?

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My brother was recently diagnosed with Sarcoma. He lives in another state so we don't talk much and see each other rarely. He hasn't told me what type of sarcoma it is. All I know is that he had a tennis ball sized tumor under a muscle around his shoulder area. He went to the doctor because of extreme chronic pain in his shoulder. The doctor knew there was a problem when he was able to visually see the tumor when my brother took his shirt off. They had to go in and lift up the muscle in order to get a sample for biospy. It's undifferentiated and its sarcoma. That's all I know. He is scheduled for chemo and radiation therapy to shrink the tumor before they attempt surgery. What type of sarcoma does this sound like?

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Hi :). I went through something somewhat similar with a tumor in my shoulder and I don't believe they lifted the muscle to get to the tumor but they did take a lot out. I went through chemo and radiation to shrink it before and after surgery. What I had was synovial sarcoma. Hope this helps. :)

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thank you, that is what I was thinking it might be after some research I did online. Were you able to get rid of all of the tumor? How big was your tumor? how old were you when diagnosed? sorry for all the questions!

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Don't be sorry I love answering questions so ask away. The tumor was originally 11 centimeters in my shoulder but they shrunk it down before surgery.at the time I was 15 years old and that was in 2006. I have been in remission for three years now. Chemo and radiation were hard and I was sick a lot but it was worth it. Also, make sure he gets a second opinion if needed. The first doctor I went to said they wanted to amputate my arm and shoulder or I wouldn't survive. After research we found a better hospital who said with enough chemo and radiation and muscle removal, I'd be fine.

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can you give us some news about you now? no reaccurance? when did you have your sarcoma?

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Hello. I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma of the chest wall 4 months ago. I went through grueling chemotherapy and radiation. 4 weeks ago I had the tumor removed. It was large and very close to my lung. Along with removing the tumor, I had 3 ribs removed, as well as my entire pectoralis minor muscle and 1/4 inch of my lung. Because this cancer is so rare, I have not had opportunity to meet or speak to anyone else who has had this type of cancer. I am doing well so far, but I am so afraid of a recurrence. I am grateful for the chance to communicate with other people who have had a similar experience. Thank you for reading this.

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HI I read your post and I dont want to scare you but you need to keep a close watch on any new signs of your cancer comeing back my son has synovial cell sarcoma in his elbow they did chemo/raid to shrink it before surgery after surgery they did raid 8 months later it had come back but this time it jumped to paulmanary artery and left lung there was nothing that they could do for him after that he was on trials up until it took him from me I lost him to that very bad cancer in nov of 2011 so please never let your guard down when it comes to that type of cancer good luck and god bless

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The first tumor golf ball size on the lung and there are one about 4 cm intestine and one on the shoulder which is sarcoma today was told from the doctor it a rare waiting for the final report to see what treatment to give her.

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