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Setting up alternative chatroom if CSN down

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I don't know if anyone is interested in doing this but do you guys think it would be an idea to maybe use another site to chat in if this one is down for any length of time? I know of one other cancer chat that has a chatroom situation that I can offer up perhaps, just til CSN gets back online? The site is a faily new Canadian site that originates from one of our premiere cancer Hospitals and so far the chatrooms have been used for scheduled meetings that any survivor/caregiver can attend I have been told by them. It was originally started I believe by the breast cancer community there but most of their subjects, in their meetings, can be attended by other survivors with cancers other than breast cancer as many topics are wide ranging like radiation etc. The rooms are usually empty there unless a meeting is scheduled and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we respectuflly met there in case this chatroom is down then come back when it starts up again. I would suggest using the General Cancer Chat room there if anyone is interested, just for the time being.

This site is: http://caringvoices.ca/en/ I am going to use it today and til this site is up. You will probably have to register first but that doesn't take long. I have, once again, been trying to get into the CSN chatroom for 2 days now with no success as I am sure many of you have found as well. If anyone has any other ideas as to other sites let's hear it.

Just a thought.

I guess the other thing I could do is GET A LIFE. lol. Wouldn't want to do anything hasty like that though. lol.

Any input on this subject? I emailed the webmaster so I'm sure many of you have too and hopefully this site will be up again soon. Might be something to think about now though as this seems to happen every now and again and if there was an alternative that might help some of us out. If CSN has any ideas on an alternative as well I'm sure we would love to hear about it.


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caringvioces.ca is a good site for chat

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Caring Voices has been my alternative chat site to this one for several months now so glad that CSN chatters are giving it a try. You can also attend meetings scheduled from the cancer hospital site who by the way operates the site. Social workers, onocology nurses and even an oncologist host meetings on a variety of cancer topics and anyone can attend. Cancer is cancer no matter where you are in the world, it's a great benefit of the site. Hope to see you there web. Later, Bluerose

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Perhaps we can request some beneficial upgrades to Caringcancer web site and chat server over time that will attract even more people, which is a good thing

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Did you mean Caring Voices or are you talking about another chat other than the one we are meeing on now - Caring Voices?

Actually the lady who is responsible for the site came in and asked what we might like changed about the site so if you email them at 'contact us' I'm sure they will take your ideas into consideration. Of course I forget the woman's name who came in but I do know that Sara U. does the site in part. Send it to 'contact us' though and they will get the questions to the right persont there.

It's a good clean site with many benefits like the meetings with professionals at the cancer hospital who runs the site, hope it stays that way for everyone's benefit.

See you in the room. Hugs, Bluerose

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