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feeding tube and air tube

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i was told about 3 weeks ago that a bit down the line that i'm going to need a feeding tube along with a breathing tube. my doctor did'nt give me anymore info than that. i was freaked out and did'nt think to ask any questions. i have had thyroid cancer for allmost two years now. march 7th of 2008 they opened my throt and closed it up telling me that it was large that they could'nt remove it because it was on the blood vessels going to my heart and close to the top part of my heart. so they sewed me up and gave me 30 radiation tretments. a few months later i was told i had cancer in my lungs and in my neck. i was told then that i was looking at tubes to feed by and breath by. so i was wanting to find someone like me to talk to. my doc does'nt make much clear and will not give me a outlook for the futher.

thank you so much

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Find a new DR!!! Did you ever get a second opinion? Who opened you up for your surgery, was it a general surgeon or a ENT? I may be wrong but there has to be a better way. You can ligate vessels going to the heart and there is so much redundancy in vascular system that you can usually get away with it. I'm sorry, I don't have the same story but I do think if you have not already, get a second opinion!!! And ask questions until he makes it clear. He makes a lot of money and owes that to you. If he wont do it, find someone else who will. Go the the experts in cancer if you have to. Just keep trying!

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wow, you've been through a lot. i too have had EBR (30 rounds to the neck for papillary thyroid cancer that had invaded the trachea). unfortunately, i don't have experience beyond that to offer you first hand advice. that said, i would highly recommend that you try posting to the yahoo group for Advanced Thryoid Cancer because there are folks posting on that board who have had complications that many others have not had to face and i think you might find some very helpful support there (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/adv-thyca/). hopefully you'll also get some responses on this message board from folks in similar situations.

if you are able to seek out second opinions or find a new doctor, i'd suggest doing so. i know sometimes that insurance and other reasons don't really allow for that, but if it is an option try to find a highly qualified doc (or several specialists) that work well with you and that answer questions. my first radiation oncologist, though skilled, wasn't very easy to talk to and fortunately i was able to find myself a new one. any good doctor should have not issue at all with his or her patient getting a second or third opinion.
wishing you well

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Hi, I was just wondering what type of cancer you have? I have papillary and I have a follow up appt tomorrow. Ok course the anxiety is high. You sound like you have been through a lot. I'm sure it has been hell. I also would suggest you get a second opinion. If you can I wonder if you should go to MD Anderson in Houston. Good luck and I will pray for you.

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I see you found the adv thyca yahoo group. I hope those folks are able to help. I also wanted to mention that you might find folks with experience with feeding and breathing tubes if you post this same entry on the Head and Neck Cancer branch.
Best wishes to you.

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