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My tests are in, surprise to me.

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Well, I just got back from two days at the VA medical center in San Francisco. I had a PET scan done on Tuesday morning and met with the surgeons later that day, the official report was not back from the PET scan so the doctor looked over it with me and thought everything looked good, my EC was or is very small and the operation will take care of it. I spent the rest of the day having all the preop stuff done for my surgery. This morning during breakfast I received a call from the doctors assistant stating that the official PET scan report had came back and there is a mass in my neck, I had complained about my left ear hurting, well after a bunch of more test today I have cancer in my tonsils. So next week instead of having an Eshophagectom. I am having my tonsils removed for biopsy. One of the medications that I take for my kidney transplant rejection is CellCept, which causes Lymphoma. So now I have to wait to have the esophagus surgery done until I go through chemo and maybe radiation. I had great service at the VA medical center in San Francisco; I don’t think I could have had so many test done in such a short term at a private or public hospital. I think I will take the kids to school in the morning and pull my snowmobile out of the trailer and head to the mountains, I need to escape reality for a few hours at least.
Thought or advice

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Betty in Vegas
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lymphoma is beatable so I am sure you will climb to the top of this mountain, as well. It's just tiring when you just scaled one to hope back up and begin the ascent up another. You have my prayers. Go enjoy your escape to the mountains.


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I keep getting asked if I smoked, I have never been a tabbaco user so my honost answer is no. I do take immune supresants though. Now my question is what is chemo and radiation like, how many times a week and for how long? They want to fight my EC and the Lymphoma together. After the Chemo and radiation they want to wait 6-8 weeks and do surgery. I read about a new procedure called EMR for early stage EC, I was told that my EC is very early stage as per the PET scan. Does anyone have experiance with this procedure? I was just scared, now!!


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Tina Blondek
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Hi Brad,
Sorry to hear of your recent news, but at least the ec is at stage one, and the lymphnoma can be treated and cured. Crazy how the meds for your kidney transplant can cause cancer.
Makes you think...hmmm....why am I taking this? Anyway, glad you had great service at the VA hospital, that is always a plus. Sounds like they are right on top of all of this. Chemo and radiation will do its job. Side effects differ with each person. My dad had little to no side effects from his chemo and radiation. There are meds to help with the side effects. You have to stay positive, take this only one day at a time. Keep taking those trips to the mountains, it is good for your brain! Have a strong faith, ask for help when you need it, and come to this site often. Keep us posted!

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