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Joined: Sep 2009

All you ladies are welcome to be my friend on Face Book. Just search for Carlene Mullins, and I'm in Dallas/Ft Worth Texas, if there are a ton of them.

I just have one request......I don't post anything about cancer on my FB page/wall. There are a lot of people who don't know I'm sick and I surely don't want them to find out via Face Book.


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Joined: Jul 2009

I have a facebook as well!

I have many photos of my mom and I :)

If any want to find me, I'm under Brittany Ching. My profile picture is of myself and my boyfriend :)

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Joined: Oct 2008

I too am on FB, but all my friends and family know what I have been through and am going through. We live in a small town and everyone knows lots that goes on. We have several churches and I am on all the prayer chains.

And other friends and family members live all over the U.S. and I am also on their prayer chains, so I get encouraging comments from many on FB.

Don't post everything, but if something I really want someone to know, I give a private message. Works well.

Carlene, I will just continue to see your updates on this board. I may slip up on FB, you never know with chemo brain!!

Living for Eternity,

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Joined: Dec 2007

Well now I have a reason to go on my facebook, I hardly go on there, my Meghan is always updating it for me, bless her. I will definately add you ladies. I don't mention anything on there about my cancer either. What's the point I say.....

Posts: 1223
Joined: Jun 2008

I am there too, joined when I took my cancer/chemo break last summer and had to replace something for all the time I was spending on the cancer boards. THen, I ended up spending too much time on FB LOL Now, I'm finding the balance between the two.

LPack's picture
Posts: 658
Joined: Oct 2008

I would be glad to add you all and you can add me.

I too can spend too much time. But then again I play Farmville!!

Libby Pack

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Joined: Sep 2009

I am open to all conversations. I generally don't post my updates on FB unless I am asked. I have no problem talking about it I just feel kind of silly throwing information out there on FB unless somebody ask how I am doing.

Nancy Rosson Kavleski, New York, NY

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Joined: Jan 2010

Yes, I have a texting daughter, for those who lack one of those: FTW = For the Win!

Look me up, my profile pic is the teal butterfly right now--those who know what I'm going through "get it" those who don't just think it's a gorgeous butterfly! There was some "round about" discussion about my doctor's appointments and my diagnosis this month because it was all so new, but I'm trying to pull back from that on Facebook. It's okay to post about it though, because there are so many members of my family and friends who are out of state that there will be occasional updates.

I, too, play Farmville and only need two more Farmville neighbors to get the new 24 x 24 farm! (Hint, hint!)


LPack's picture
Posts: 658
Joined: Oct 2008

I will be on today and add you!!

I did upgrade to 24 x 24!

Libby Pack
St. Clairsville OH
or Wheeling

kathryn1's picture
Posts: 88
Joined: Jul 2009

I don't have enough coins yet to expand my Farm but I'm working on it. You can find me as Kathryn Turner, Springfield TN. My picture is my dog Haley, she just looks better than me right now :)

kathryn1's picture
Posts: 88
Joined: Jul 2009

I can't find everyone on Facebook. You can find me tho. Kathryn Turner, in TN. The pic is my little dog Haley. :)

LPack's picture
Posts: 658
Joined: Oct 2008

So far the only one I can find to invite is Nancy. Guess I need more info. I am going to try Kathryn now! This is fun.


Mawty's picture
Posts: 137
Joined: Sep 2009

I'm on facebook also -- Marty White -- and I'd be glad to have any of you as friends. I don't put too much about my cancer, but every once in a while I will say something like I'll probably put something this weekend about the port surgery and starting the new regimen of chemo so everyone will know and pray.

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Posts: 105
Joined: Mar 2009


I am also on FB Not into the games but enjoy connecting with friends. Add me
Dinora Fischer Sacramento, CA

jtotten1's picture
Posts: 22
Joined: Dec 2009

Everyone - please add me to your friends list as well!

Jayme Bilgor Totten

The picture is from right before I started treatment - I have been camera shy for almost 2 years now!

Dva360's picture
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Joined: Feb 2010

Please find me there and send a request. I don't have any one who has and is going thru this to talk to and need the support. My name is Nurisse Jones. I have lots to tell about what I did to aid in getting rid of my cancer. Alkaline pH. It works ladies. My tumors shrunk fast. I'm now in remission and want to get the word out to help save lives. Read my profile. It's a doosey.

Posts: 580
Joined: Nov 2009

Hi Dva360,

I too am on facebook and would love to converse with you anytime.

I am 53years young LOL! And I tell you this cancer is a journey I would have rather done without!

I've actually had the surgery back in 2007 of March but my numbers were nowhere where yours were (mine were 1400).

In my desperate attempt to learn about the body's immune system and cancer related illnesses, I have become somewhat familiar with keeping the bodys' ph level at a somewhat alkaline state.

I read your profile and it seems that it took no time for your tumors to shrink? I've been trying to have a more organic diet, but not just totally fruits and veggies. I don't do the white breads, potatoes, pasta no beef and very little meat at all though. I also do not drink any types of sodas diet or otherwise . When I had my last reading it went up to a 49 from a 37 and this is after I deligently adhered to drinking this tea called " Essaic Tea" have you heard of it? As well as changing up my diet, but I don't know...I've seen alkaline supplements somewhere, but honestly have to say I have not looked into it yet. Theres so much out there about what works and what doesn't that it makes one wonder am I just chasing that miracle cure?

My facebook name is under Sharon Nance and I'll be sure to look for yours as well, because I would like to ask you more about the supplements... what could it hurt right?


Posts: 580
Joined: Nov 2009


Same here.

I've been tolerating it for 2 months consistently , but call it a coincident or what, but when my next Ca-125 test was done, it had jumped from 15 to 37! But months prior to the tea and the alkaline diet every 2 months my ca-125 counts only jumped 2 points! So now I don't know what to do, go figure.

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Joined: Mar 2012

There is a secret facebook group for us teal sisters. Secret means your posts won't show up anywhere. Search for ovcaladies and ask to join. Also check out Ovarian Cancer Together! another secret group.

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Joined: Feb 2011

The Teal Warriers, Sisterhood of Ovarian Cancer Survivors. 

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Posts: 1285
Joined: Jul 2012

I just joined both above FB groups.

I've never been too active on FaceBook before and overnight my inbox filled up with notifications. Every time someone hits the "Like" button I get an email.

I have to figure out how to turn them off before they drive me up the wall.


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Posts: 260
Joined: Apr 2013

I found the Teal Warriors but not ovcaladies...does it have different name?  Another group is BRCA Sisterhood. It is a private group too. Tends to skew young and to women who haven't had cancer, but has been interesting to follow nonetheless.

Alexandra's picture
Posts: 1285
Joined: Jul 2012

I couldn't find ovcaladies either Susan. Must be too deep underground Smile

I will probably limit myself to the two groups I joined, because I'm getting overwhelmed with constant FB emails. I just lost an eBay auction because of that and I never lose! I smart person would turn email off, but I suffer from stage 4 FOMO (fear of missing out)

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