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Jeff had his scope today from when we had to rush him to ER about 2 weeks ago the doctor was able to stretch it again WHICH IS A GOOD THING!! but we have a FIBER BALL in his stomach, said if he doesn't eat that diet, he will have to have it pushed through or suck it out, which makes sence for his problems, when he has been eating his stomach is cramping, and since he has the new stomach everyone knows that the food just don't digest like use to before surgery with the old stomach, so I went online and pulled up low fiber diet, and things he has been eating he shouldn't have, didn't know white bread is what he should eat, hmm amazing, and no peeling on potatoes, its very beneficial.

For the ones out there might want to go check it out so you don't run into these problems, maybe now things will digest better, its just an idea, wish we had known this from the beginning, but as the saying goes YOU LIVE AND LEARN, so i guess we are learning as we go.

Just wanted to update you all.

Love and Hugs
Lori aka MOE

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Hopefully the new diet will work. I too was told to stay away from white bread and refined sugar. I stick with honey or molasses for sweetner. I drink two cups of plain green tea each day and that has seemed to help with digestion and nausea. I was also told to be careful of eating a large amount of sweets/sugar or it could cause "Dump Syndrome" meaning I better be close to a restroom. Just some issues I have had. Best of luck on changes.

Praying for better days,


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Hey Lor,

Well Jeff has to change his diet. What I find as weird is that just yesterday the Doc.s asked
if Al had tried salads because he could use more fiber in his diet to keep his bowels moving.

They said to try everything he wants just in small amounts!!!

Well tell Jeff hi and hope he can pass that thing.

God Bless,

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Lori and Jeff,
Another day, another learning opportunity! I now know what "dump syndrome" means!! I will be sure to pass that along. Hope Jeff adapts to his new lower fiber diet. Just keep it small amounts throughout the day. Keep on keepin on! You are doing a great job. Let us know how he is doing.

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