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Got a 2nd opinion

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As you know my brother works at the hospital where Al is, when I talked to him last night he gave me the name of another neurosurgeon to give a consult and 2nd opinion. Al is now scheduled to have his vertibre cemented tomarrow.

I just find the entire thing very interesting, first there sending him home or to a rehab short stay facility, to being able to have his procedure the next day. Things that make you go Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

They have him on long and short acting morphine to help with the pain and he sounds alot better.

Additional prayers are needed so the procedure goes well. We are both nervous that they will
be injecting bone cement so close to his spine.

Well it is surely now Pot Hole season in Pittsburgh,

Thank for all of your kindness and support. To any new members that have are interested in Stage IV that my be operable just go back and read my posts. You will get almost an entire book on the subject.

Just because it is operable doesn't mean that Al is out of the woods. We just keep on fighting and praying.

God Bless
Kath, Aka Mumphy

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It always pays to know someone in the hospital, it always helps, just like me I work for the hospital Jeff used but for the billing office where my daughter actually works on a floor, so she always knew what was going on with Jeff they just saw her and knew he was related isn't it amazing when someone we know has just a little more pull.

glad you got a answer and know you feel so much better now knowing they are going to do the procedure tomorrow. Please let us know how things are going.

Prayers and hugs


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Hi Williama and anyone else who is confused.

Al is still at the same hospital but is not being discharged. My brother told me to ask to have this other neurosurgeon at the same hospital give a second opinion. He did he sent his
physicians assistant down to see Al and The Dr. looked over all of his scans and records from home and called me. He said that he could do the kyphoplasty big word for fixing Al's back in the morning. He said that about 1/2 of the pain Al is in is from the compression fracture.

Meanwhile yesterday they were trying to send him home thats how this all got started. The other Dr. wanted Al to complete his radiation treatments before he would work on the fracture.

So now he is on the schedule for the procedure in the mornining. He even said that they may try to get a round of radiation done before the procedure and another one done on Tuesday before he is discharged if he can be discharged. If not by Wed. he will have all his radiation treatments done and his fracture will be fixed.

All in all it has been a very frustrating, very exhausting couple of days. Come tomarrow morning he will be haveing his fracture fixed and at the least that part will be taken care of.

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It is thats when Al takes his nap!!!!

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don't ask questions when things are going your way!!! just ride the wave---and take that deep breath hat you haven't been able to do lately...
all I can think is ===wheww... one step at a time--Al is always in our prayers---as are you!

ALso--You or William need to remind us how one looks "all the posts" on one person... Because Kath, caregivers with stage 4 are going to have limited energy to figure that out on their own... but your and Al's experience is so important to this community...

Tell AL--we think he will do fine----and he just has to listen to his Dr's, nurses and his WIFE!!! :)

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Just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey with us "newbies". I have been going back and reading alot of posts from so many. Being new, I would love to be able to know how to read all the posts on one person, so I can really know your story, learn, and obtain some hope! My husband had his first PET today. We still don't know the stage. It has been since Dec 4 that he was dx. Hopefullly we will get the answers and know what our next step is. I am waiting for the onc. to return my call. He has an appt on the 26th, but I feel he needs to be seen sooner! We'll see what he thinks! I'll keep you and AL in my prayers. Keep the Faith!

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Kathy and Al,
Thanks for the updates! Gee Whiz....good thing you have a brother who works at that hospital! It is who you know that makes the difference. I am praying and wishing you both the best of luck with the surgery.
Keep us posted.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Weezie and welcome. You are not alone here. You are in the beginning stages, but as you can see from all of us, and all of our posts.....it is a long, bumpy road....but....we are all still here! We are all survivors!! Just remember to always ask questions, write down your answers, start a journal, pray, come to this site at least every other day! Praying for you and your husband. Keep us posted.
Tina (caregiver to my dad, Ray)

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