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Status Report on Al

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Hi All,

Thank you all for your prayers!!!They have been answered. He is being admitted to Shadyside Hospital this afternoon.

They are going to have the neurosurgeon look at his back and hopefully fix it before his is discharged. He will also be getting the radiation treatment started,,They figured out that this is the best way to do it instead of doing it on an out pt basis. I could have told him that.

I will be staying at the hotel tonight so I can get here early.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I am also praying for all of you. I don't know what I would do without my csn family.

God Bless

PS I will try and keep you posted daily they usually let me have acess to a lap top

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Great News! We can all use a little of that! Goodluck and Keep the Faith!

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Hi Kath,
So glad they are going to solve the back problem first and hopefully fix it. More prayers and best hopes that Al will be on the mend and eating better etc. take care,

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Hi Kath!!

I'm so happy to hear they will keep Al and get this ball rolling!!! I really needed to hear something positive!!! I do hope you can update us so we know what's going on. Great big hugs and of course prayers are being said!!!!

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Kath!
Great news. And thank you William!! You are the best. You know so much info, you really do need to write a book. So glad you are on top of things Kath. Fix the back first, than move on to the next problem. Like you said, I could have told them that! Some days I think I should be in the medical field. Keep us posted. Keep your faith. My faith is what has carried me throghout this whole journey. God is good. I know you and Al know that! Hang in there Kath.
Prayers continue daily for you and Al.

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Hi All,

I am home and Al is feeling no pain due to medication. He is supposed to get his first radiation this afternoon. I met a spoke to all the Dr.s and the game plan is to be as Dr. Gibson wants it. So he will have 5 radiation treatments and the verterbrea cemented before he comes home.

It's nice to know he is in good hand and I can now get a little break. My brother works as a
patient care assistant and has been there for over 10 years and work 12 hr shifts 6p to 6a.
He will check on Al before his shift at lunch and on his break. Al chart is marked VIP. this means a relative of someone who works at the hospital.

We are supposed to get a big snow storm so I came home.

Loretta thanks for the number. I alread have it and our social worker even tried to see if
I could bunk with another single girl, Not enough beds. So I stayed the night at the hotel.
I actuall was kind of nice since we had no vacation this year, expensive but nice, a whole king size bed all to myself.

I thank you all for all your prayers and never ending support.
I am going to sit in the recliner put on my soap opera and then who know what.

As always as soon as I know anything you all will know.

I thank God every day for my CSN family. You are all like the my family members who live out of town only you actually know what we are going through.

God Bless You


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Hi Kath,

I only just got back on here---and trying to catch up---I just wanted you to know we are praying for Al here too... I am glad the doctors are treating him like they would if it was Their relative---not just another patient! Every patient should be treated like that - don't you think? God Bless..

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