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Help with food choices

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As most of you know, my husband Dan was dx on Dec 4. He has a PET scan on this Thursday. His only option is radiation because he has had two kidney transplants and became diabetic after the second one. He was on a fairly strict diet because of these. Now, he is having a hard time just getting food down let alone trying to follow the diet. He does drink Carnation Instant Breakfast to get some nutrients. We are really not worried about following the diet.He is getting tired of eating the same old thing everyday, (pudding, icecream, mashed potatoes, soft veggies, soups and liquids)Does anybody have suggestions on any other food items that he may be able to get down? He is sort of picky in his food choices, does not like yogurt, doesn't really care for jello either. Also, he still has an appetite and wants to eat, but can't. Any suggestions as to foods that are filling? Appreciate any suggestions. Know that all on this board are in my prayers! Keep the Faith!

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My husband really liked egg custard. Being from the south, my husband loves red beans and rice with sausage which turned out to be very smooth when pureed. He also liked a small pasta called orzo because it slid down his throat so easily, especially if I cooked it for a little longer. It helped give him some variety from regular chicken noodle soup. He liked the Boost and Ensure better if I used them for the liquid in milkshakes. I found Carnation Instant Breakfast in liquid form like Ensure that went down easier than the regular powder. Grits were another mainstay. I also added powdered milk to soups, etc. to boost his protein.

Hope this gives you some ideas. I know it's hard to find variety and keep them eating when they need to the most.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try a few of these and see how he likes them.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi and Welcome to this wonderful site! I am a caregiver for my dad, Ray. EC cancer survivor 11/08. Now the cancer has spread to his liver, so here we go again with round two! My dad eats a variety of foods. My mom put almost everything in her food processor to make it more prureed. More like baby food. Tuna, chicken salad, soups, meatloaf, potatoes, yams, mac and cheese,. Carnation instant breakfasts are a good choice. They have a lot of nutrients and protien. Good luck. Good that he still has his appetite.

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starting in 10/09. He was quickly dx. But starting end of September he would eat tiny bits of different things to see if they would go down or come back up. End of october it was real bad and he had mainly prureed foods. Ham salad, Chicken salad, Tuna salad.. Potatoe soup was a must its high in fat and cals so it worked great, we did have to thin it out with milk so he could get it down. He stayed away from bread because it made him feel like he was choking.

He loved his milkshake boosts or ensure. He really wants one of those now... but clear liquids for a few more days!

Good luck and I hope these help!

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