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Not sure what to make of it all

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Steve is not getting better and each day I watch him decline.. We FINALLY have an appt. with an oncologist on Dec. 29th. He talks Plan A (living) not Plan B (dying). He talks real good about plan A, but is leaning toward plan B. This past weekend, he gave two of his real good friends each a ring that he had that meant alot to him. One of which we bought when we were in Sturgis, and I wasn't real happy about. Who does that if they plan on living. As of today, he has not ate in 3 days, and has drank maybe about 4 bottles of water or tea in those same days. Last night he said he felt like he had the flu. I told him that he was probably dehydrated and that he needed to go to the hospital. He wouldn't go. His daughter that is here from out of town, told him the same thing today. I don't know what to do or how to help him. We need prayers.


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He has to be dehydrated!!! Maybe he'll listen to his daughter and go to the hospital today. I know it's so hard watching them go down hill. Try to get him to drink or to the hospital. Hang in there, I know it's hard. He has to keep fighting so he's healthy enough to get to the Dr. on the 29th!!! I'll be praying for you both!!!


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Well I got Steve to the hospital yesterday. He is still there and won't get out until tomorrow. He was VERY dehydrated. They couldn't find a vien and when they did it would blow. They must have stuck him 20 times. They took another xray of his chest, and it looked horrible. The ER Dr. said they could drain the fluid there, but it would just come back, and right now the way Steve is, it isnt worth the risk until he absolutly needs it done. Its not what the Dr.'s say, it what they don't say and how they say the things they do. Today the Dr. said to Steve...so what you are saying is that you want us to keep you here and hydrate you...because Steve had told the Dr. once before that if the cancer came back and was so bad, that he didn't want them to do anything, just keep him comfy. Tehn th Dr. said..oh i hear you have an appt. with an oncologist on the 29th..like that was the dumbest idea she had ever heard. I just hope he makes it to Christmas

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I think that Bailey said it all!!!


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what a wonderful post---thank you and God Bless Chris & her hubby and all those that need it right now.

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I just saw your update. I am sorry you have to deal with doctors who seem less than supportive that is the last thing you need to deal with. I continue to think of you and Steve often, and pray that the spirit of the season is able to bring you joy.


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