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Ah, Linda. How was your appointment yesterday.

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Linda, I do hope you are feeling wonderful and you are just to taken with living to post here.

Merry Christmas


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I had my chemo infusion yesterday, very uneventful and I feel fine today. I've been up since 4AM go-go-going on my artifical steroid-induced energy burst. But the wierd thing is that I was so BUSY BUSY that I forgot to call today for my CA-125 results! (??) Isn't that so very strange? Usually, in the past, I was frantic to get my test results back. Now, I simply don't seem to care what the number is. It won't change anything before I see my oncologist on Monday right before my next chemo infusion. I think we'll stay on this same easy-dose taxol until after Christmas anyway, so that I can feel good for the holidays. So it just doesn't much matter whether this taxol is working to drop my CA-125.

I think a part of this wierd easy-going mood is because my long-time best girlfriend was in a car accident Sunday. A woman lost control of her car and slammed right into her, and the other woman ended up dying. I was so busy today getting my friend a good meal and trying to calm her down, and she is so sore and banged up. I totally forgot about my own worries!

I'll call them tomorrow and find out what my CA-125 is and let you know. My other counts were okay, a little low, but the neutrafils and platelets were both really good. I used my port for the 1st time. The technician had the oncologist look at it because it is so bruised but he said it isn't infected or anything and it already feels better today. The first stick-in hurt for a second, but not as much as them snaking needle after needle into my veins trying to set the IV. And after the lab blood draw, they have you all ready with the needle in for your chemo with no additional stick: slick! I felt like I should be able to re-charge my phone or something by plugging it into that thing!

They gave me some numbing creme and protective covers to take home and put on an hour before I come next time so that the stick into the port won't hurt at all. Thanks for letting me know to ask for it, ladies!

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Very sad about your friend. Thrilled that the port worked to your delight. Christmas will be joyful for you I'm sure.

Love and hugs,


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Sorry to hear about your friend's accident though. Thinking about some one else sure takes your mind off your own problems. You are such a caring person, that I am sure you are a great friend to all.

Glad to hear your port worked well for you. One stick is much nicer than multiple sticks for lab and chemo. I hope the soreness goes away soon. I am curious about your "pretective covers" for your port. Is it to keep the numbing cream in place? I had steri strips over the insertion site. They just gradually fell off. After the first days, I did not cover the site.

Hope your CA 125 continues to fall with your taxol. In peace and caring.

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