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My dad

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Well, things are changing for my dad. He was in the ER on Sunday morning. He had his stent put it in on 11/25 and he hasn't been right since. He's had pain and no appetite. So Sunday he was having chest pains. At the hospital all his labs came back fine. They did many xrays to see if the stent was ok. All is ok there too. So, home he came. He is fighting with my mom about everything she makes for him to eat. He's lost 10 pounds since the 25th. When I talked to the ER Dr. he feels that my dad's constipation is causing the problem. He prescribed milk of magnesia, 2x a day for 3 days. I'm just not sure whatelse to do with my dad at this point. He will only eat very little. He's still complaining of chest pains. Of course I'm thinking the worst at this point. He goes for his PET scan on the 10th and then they see the Dr. on the 17th. When I called him at 11:00, he hadn't eaten anything yet. He told me that he feels he's checking out. He says that he has to listen to his body. I don't know what to say to him anymore. Listening to your body isn't a good thing. He doesn't want to eat, but you do have to try to eat something. He's anxious to get to the Dr. to see what's going on. I know he wants to start his chemo again too, but in the mean time I feel he's giving up. It's so terrible. What's a person to do. Please keep him in your prayers. Just hearing the news of Roy's passing has made me sad once again. 2 passings so close together, Kitten and Roy. May they rest in peace now!! Please keep my dad in your prayers!!

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Sorry to hear about your dad. Don't worry about the listening to his body thing...he knows what he needs to do. My husband tells me the same thing. He say you are not me and you dont know how i feel. And he is right. The best thing right now is to support him and get that PET done and see whats going on. I will pray that everything is ok. And I know how you feel about seeing that we have lost 2 people so close together.


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Tina Blondek
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Hi Erika,
Are you sure my dad and your dad are not the same person??? Mom and dad arguing, not eating, feeling like this is the end, etc. Wow! Listen, just stay positive, support him, keep your faith. Maybe you can call the dr and have his pet scan appt. moved up. It is this week, but I know how anxious they get. Sounds to me like his chest pains are being caused from his nerves.
He is probably experiencing a panic attack. Dr can also give him meds for anxiety. My dad is taking ativan for it. Tell him if he does not start eating, he will have to get a feeding tube put in. This usually makes them think twice. Even if he eats small meals throughout the day. Has he tried things like ensure and boost?

I feel for you Erika. I have been there. My dad's balloon dilation went well yesterday. There was a lot of scar tissue there, so the dr wants to do another dilation on the 21st. She did say that she did not see any cancer in the esophagus. Hooray!! But my negative thinking dad says....that is good, but maybe it is somewhere else in my body!! Ugh...can we please be thankful for this??? It has got to be the hardest job I have had so far. Caregiver to a parent is even harder than being a parent to a child!!

God Bless, keep us posted, and you your dad and your family are in my prayers!!


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Betty in Vegas
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When you have pain, but you can't pinpoint why, it makes you edgy and cranky. It can really mess with your mind. And you know what, when you get in for the PET scan, he may get to talk to the doc and the doc can explain what he is feeling in some way.

I will be praying for your mom. I know when Layne was loopy in the hospital and being very mean I was really broken by that. Be sure to get people there to spell her a bit, even if it is just to go to the grocery store.

Hugs from here, wishing I had more to offer.


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Thanks for being here for me!! Thanks for sharing my misery. I know God is there for us. I just
need to keep reminding myself!!! Please do keep the prayers coming!!


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Hi Sherri,

Thanks so much for the stent information. My dad is still having the chest pains and I think we are going to ask to have it removed. He did finally eat last night, a small slice of bread with a little bit of fish. It's progress and I feel better that he ate. I'll be emailing you for some of your high calorie meals. Maybe he'll eat some of them. He fights us all the time with eating. We are trying to let him be in charge, but at the same time he needs to help to at least keep his strength up. He did get up and shave yesterday too. I was happy to hear that progress. This roller coaster ride is really something.


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