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Again, can't recommend highly enough Dr. Boik's book, Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy. Free online.

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He explains how cancer gets started, foods that can act on and defeat it and how to incorporate the proper foods with chemo and/or radiation for the best possible results. Aside from the last two months, an anti-cancer nutritional approach has been my only treatment. I don't know if it will be enough, but I do know that my brain was screaming at me not to get chemo while I was listening to the preparatory speech on what was going to be done with chemo. Once, a very, very, long time ago, I didn't listen to that attention getting voice. The consequence was that my son died. I have since paid great attention to overwhelming intuition junctures. Now that I sound like a total loon:

Other ways than chemo to help your body fight cancer can be found at the website at the end of this. Someone else mentioned the doctor and I just Googled him to come up with this. The Life Extension group mentioned on the site has the backing of reputable domains such as Harvard and some of the national clinic groups.

Beginning this morning, I will be back on my anti-cancer therapy. No meat, dairy, white useless products, and lots of fruits, particularly red grapes, veggies-uncooked is the key, one ounce raw ginger throughout the day, 6 cups green tea, no black tea, tumeric, D3, and a bunch of other supplements which I can't remember right now. I do hope that my laxness these last two months have not done irreparable harm. I did eat meat and have dairy even though my research has shown those to be particularly harmful and cancer friendly.

I have some things to do right now, later I will post all the books, dvd's and as many websites as I can find where I found my information. You can each read it an decipher it to make your own decisions. Mine are made by me for my circumstance. They may ultimately not work for me, but they are my thoughtfully researched decisions, which I am now comfortable with and will change as the need arises. I am not anti-chemo, I just felt it was wrong for me. I also had no lymph nodes removed for those of you that are wondering about the differences between us. My doctor told me, when I asked what would happen if I didn't get chemo, that I would die in about a year and half. Well, I'm there, at the year an a half point. And I am pretty nervous I can tell you.

The recent numerous recurrences have served to remind me that there is a great,beautiful world out there, somewhere, and I need to again become a part of it, not stay in here typing and researching.

Good luck to you all.
The love and generosity of all the women on this board is truly remarkable. We have supported one another in many cases far better than the support from our families, not that they don't truly love us. It's just that, there is not a killer waiting patiently just out of their eyesight. Waiting patiently for us to slip up and become vulnerable.Or waiting with us alone at night, in the dark. Just always there, waiting.

I am no longer able to smile. At least not right now. I had always hoped that Linda would be right, and even though I hadn't gone down that road, she and all of you would be successful in your own treatments. I had believed we would all get out of this situation to go on unscathed with our lives. Now, I have serious doubts. I am afraid. Deep down afraid I may not be able to look back at this as a blip in my life as I had hoped. I have, til now held onto the vision of me telling someone--you know, when I was in my early sixties I had a very serious cancer, but I was able to beat it, it was just a short blib on my life's radar. Now, I'm wondering about that vision.

I'm just sayin'

Your true friend,

Claudia Allen




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AMEN to that!

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Actually, there is really nothing I would like more than that. Summers has her own place to live, so she probably wouldn't come. But I have a granddaughter who lives with me and helps me out. She's going on fifteen and the most agreeable person you would ever want to meet. She's always saying, "Nana, can we go somewhere today"?" Mostly we can't, due to insurance I have kicks off if I make over $500 a month. So, I Would need a job and a million dollars.

Dream on Baby.

But other than that, I have dreamed of moving back to New York City, ah, well, that would be just about the time I came out of the end of the Lincoln (or Holland, can't remember which goes which way) Tunnel headed West, back in, let's see, February of 1966. I'm way overdue for some fun, don't you think?

Love and kisses,

C'est Moi
Is that right? French for it is me?? The brain is the first to go.

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In the morning after I came home from work I spent nice hour in my gym watching Murder she wrote and torturing my body. After shower (sweating like pig) I made my smoothie, today banana, pineapple and strawberries and one red lettuce.
For lunch it will be rice and mushrooms and all afternoon these gigantic portions of veggies and fruit.

What about you?

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Have an apartment I pay virtually nothing for, so a visit is totally doable. Not right now though as my smile is still missing. : ~ 0

If the offer is open in a few somethings, we'll email and talk further, sorry girls for the two person discussion, but a walk through the village could be all that I've been missing.

Maybe I'll smile tomorrow.

As always, love, hope, success in health and somewhere out there--the currently elusive--Joy,


Frances, thank you for trying to comfort me. It always thrills me to hear from you. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Jill, you know I was just thinking, if we put our heads together, maybe we could come up with some real stellar guidelines for a good run at getting through this thing alive through lifestyle changes. You and I and any other fellow New Yorkers that might care to help. Ask a New Yorker, get the truth and then some you know what I mean jelly bean??

We could walk down Madison or some other street with a sign that said --have an opinion on how to beat cancer? Speak up here. We'd have a crowd in heartbeat. Think I'll bring a tape recorder. Are you the talk to strangers type? I am certainly not stand offish if I truly need help and where else could one find better help than there.

I'm starting to think of what I might pack for a short vacation to the friendly, supportive, problem solving city I love so and have missed so much.

Wait, I think my face is beginning to remember where the smile muscles are located.

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Claudia, Try not to be so sad about these reoccurences, they are not good, but it will make us all stronger. I actually do not feel that you are in a worse postition for refusing chemo. Look at it this way, Linda and I both had a full round of it before and now I have had a 2nd round of it. If your cancer should reocurr, you will be getting a first round and that could put it in remission. Ours came back after having chemo. A body can only stand so much chemo so you may be in a much better position. Think positive that you have already beat it and enjoy life.

I am working on my diet and readjusting all the time. I feel good about the supplements I am taking and just trying to stay strong.

Take care
Love and hugs.......Frances

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When Fran recurred, I felt the same crushing fear that you are feeling, Claudia, the 'damned if you do; damned if you don't" hopelessness that borders on dispair. I knew my recurrance diagnosis would rock across this Board and in every heart the whisper "It could happen to ME!" would surface, shaking the confidence of the most optimistic here. I'm so so sorry.

But this isn't the end of my world. This is just a new chapter in this saga, which is turning into a damn SOAP OPERA drama!!, but none-the-less, just another coloration within the context of the rest of my wonderful every-day life, making me more precious to those who might forget how irreplaceable I am and take me for granted.

When I went last night to comfort my poor granddaughter who was sobbing to me on the phone, I found her face down on her bed crying. I gathered her up in my arms and asked her "Did anyone even get you some ice cream??", and she wailed "Nooooooo" through her tears. So her dad rushed downstairs to bring us each a Nutty-Buddie and left us in her room alone to talk. I said "So, are you EVER allowed to eat ice cream in bed right before dinner?", and I saw her eyes light up. "It's the 'cancer card' again, isn't it Grammy?", she asked. And I laughed and said "Yes, I'm back in chemo and you and I are gonna get away with MURDER again!" And we laughed and hugged, and she remembered that we've done this gig before and it wasn't that bad.

And it won't be! So smile, Claudia, or I'll have to send you a Nutty-Buddy, and I know THAT'S not on your cancer-fighting diet!! Thank God, it's on mine! :D

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I spit on myself. I hate it when that happens. I have never played the cancer card. I've thought about it though. Ice creammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. that and sourdough french bread are the only two things that I simply cannot resist. Candy,eh? Chips, don't care, could have only one. But ice creammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sourdough Frenchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I haven't had salami but once in twenty years. I love salami. You know that real hard kind in the paper rapper. Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

I don't even know what a Nutty-Buddie is. An insane friend you nibble on ocassionally? As usual, I'm ever so happy to know you, thanks. Tomorrow will be a better day. I'll try not to be so afraid. Maybe I'll buy some ice cream. Being from NYC, coffee is my favorite. I remember when I first moved to California nearly forty years ago and would ask for an iced coffee, they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. Look at me talking about food instead of you know what.

I've started restudying Dr. Boik's book, with pencil and highlighter in hand, while I recline in bed. Nice and comfy. He gives me hope. I need a bit of hope right now.

Hey, I thought I told you you were not allowed to have a recurrence. Go to your room til you can stop being so contrary little Missy and get well right now!

Love you to pieces, Girlique,


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Ok, Ok. I've never done anything wild like have an affair or tell my boss to take this job and shove it. But I am ready to meet you all some place for a weekend. You're the greatest bunch of babes I have ever known. And I met you online? Sometimes I wonder if you are real!
Maybe a millionaire will fly us somewhere for a weekend and then pour the rest of his money into research to help us. Am I dreaming or is someone like that out there?

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I can't vouch for everyone else. Okay girls. Start pinching!!

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My granddaughter and I play the 'Cancer Card' so that I can whisk her out of school mid-day to go to the movies with me; or she can sleep over mid-week; or so we can eat nut-and chocolate-covered ice cream cones in bed, etc. She gets to play the 'Card Card by Proxy' because she is my lifelong BFF and can turn on the tears at a drop of a hat, and then turn around and secretly wink at me and give me her sly conspirator's smile.

There are limitations to the power of the Cancer Card: we never got to go to the front of any lines like I told her we would; and I never got to test out my theory that a cop would forgive a bald woman for speeding (not YET anyway! HA!). But during my last chemo rounds, Emily used the Cancer-Card-by-Proxy to get to re-take a math test, by sitting there with such a sad face which her teacher tied to an email from her mother about my diagnosis.

I try to put a good spin on the chemo and cancer for the grandkids.

Soooooo, Claudia, if you find yourself in a little jam, whip out that Cancer Card and test its powers. Used sparingly, it does give you a little edge.


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