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Trying To Get On With Life

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cancer survivor x 4
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Hello Ladies,
Yesterday I started my first day of nursing school. I am so very, very excited. I just hope and pray that I can stay healthy. After I take my state board exams I am hoping to get sent straight up to the oncology department. I had such wonderful nurses through-out my treatment and I realized how important they are. I think it is so good when you have a person who has been through cancer that is helping someone else who has cancer, because they really understand what you are going through. For those of you who don't know my history, I have had Stage I breast cancer 3 times since I was 28 years old. 1991,2007,2008. In 2009, I had Stage 2B ovarian cancer. Yes, I have a BRAC gene. I just need to stay heathly and all I can do is pray. If anyone else is interested in going to school, the American Cancer Society is paying my tuition. Just contact the Out-Reach worker at your oncology department and they will get the ball rolling. Thank-You, Paula

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Congrats on your recovery, your strength and your new career! How wonderful that the ACS assisted in your schooling. And it sounds as though you've chosen a very important field. I know you'll be a wonderful asset and a great inspiration for all those you come in contact with. God bless you for your desire to help others, especially those whose shoes you have worn!

God Bless!

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You go girl!!!! I agree about the oncology nurses. They are the best at my treatment center.
They have lots of compassion, and information that I get no where else. Saundra

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Hi Paula

Congratulations on starting nursing school and also on the sucess of your treatment. I agree about the onogolgy nurses, they are the best, there times that I actually look forward to having Chemo. Sounds strange but the nurses are very helpful and so cheerful, even the other patients are cheerful, after all we are all in this together. Good for you and I am happy for you.


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congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you that you are moving forward and giving back where you have received.
Nurses have certainly saved my life. I live in Japan and have yet to encounter a bad one. It seems they all have a special calling and were born to take care of sick people. I has really been a huge part of my healing.
Wishing you the very best!

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