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I'm dedicating the month of December's photo, to my daughter, Summers, and her courageous spirit.

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So, no, that's not me. That's my daughter. I admire her spirit and her ability to bend with the wind that is blowing her through some tough times, and respond with joy and laughter.


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So sorry about the tough times. The picture, your message - all remind me of that song - "The answer is blowing in the wind" - so just make sure she keeps bending. The best to you both.

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Thank you very much for your best wishes. Summers has to walk everywhere. She can't work. So she has no car. She just seems to be on a mission to get to Canada. She says she would walk to Canada if she had a way to stay there. She just loves all things about Kensington Square Market. She's writing a novel and designing some cards. All a bit on the odd side. She has horrible migraine pain, I think the doctor referred to it as complex migraine syndrome. anyway, he prescribed some medication to help with the pain and her insomnia, due to the pain. She came over a few days after she had started the medication to say she just couldn't take it. She found without the misery, she couldn't write or create. I think her comment was, doesn't he know artists need a bit of misery. Now she's happy again, and writing.

Keepin' the faith that all will be well,


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Not good idea. We used to live in Edmonton, not anymore. Have an acreage and garden and wild life and more snow and of course ice. I took my husband for walk yesterday. Put it this way, we didn`t brake anything and my hips were very bad at night.

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Claudia..... A great tribute to your daughter. I am thinking that her wonderful spirit is reflective of you !! I am so sorry that she has been through such a stuggle. Stay close and keep lovin her!!


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Beautiful daughter and beautiful mother!! You are both in my prayers.

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Hey, I had a racing bike I absolutely LOVED. I too went everywhere on it. It was an orange tang centurion semi-pro and only weighed 21 pounds. Cost the same as I paid for my used Rambler station wagon with the light up push button gears,about thirty years ago-$500. Unfortunately, Summers has resisted learning to ride a bike. So she walks and really loves it. She has some balance issues. We were talking today about how no matter how this comes out, she'll be ever so healthy for all the walking. She walks about five miles a day.

about the link. I don't think that they'll allow me to link to a site where things are for sale. And no her art is not there except for two sketches of some very interesting dogs.

I do have a facebook page (my full name is claudia allen) and there are a few paintings there you can look at for starters. My painting Gwendolynne is there as my photo.

I'll see if she'll let me send you a sample or two through email.

Miss you,


Hey, about the liver spots. How big did they say they were. Has there been a change in size or were they there and they finally decided to see if anything was going on in your liver. Mets to the liver would suck, so don't have them you hear me! Aside from that how has you team of health care providers been treating you. Have they learned to love you or not?? You're ever so lovable.

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I think being ridiculously goofy is the way to get out of here alive anyway--so goof on, my loony friend.


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I've been so self-preoccupied that I didn't even comment on how GORGEOUS your daughter is, Claudia! She really looks like you.

Patricia, keep me posted on that liver thing. Sounds like they aren't thinking mets, and you shouldn't either. ((((Hugs)))))

& HUGS to us all on this scary journey, as we focus on the joy and face the rest with as much grace as we can muster.

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