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Ambertose by Manatek

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I read in a discussion on saliva about Hondo using Ambertose at one point. I'm wondering how that did for you Hondo and would like to hear from anyone else who may have used it. A friend's husband takes it for arthritis and they thought it might help my husband who is 10 weeks post treatment for H&N squamous cell, occult primary. He's doing quite well, sore throat pretty much gone, stamina lagging but coming back. His biggest problem is food. Everything tastes horrible so he's very dependent on the PEG tube for nourishment.He's tried so many things but just can't get beyond the first bite. He's trying to be patient (as am I) but he really wants to eat normally again. Of course, lack of saliva and thick phlegm--which is dissipating--add to the eating problem. So we are interested in the Ambertose. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. The message boards have really helped me to understand what he is going through and to be able to suggest things that will help him through this. Thank you all.

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I used the Ambertose when I could not walk straight enough to make it through a door with out hitting the sides of it, in that it has worked very well for me. I am now 3 ½ years passed my last treatment and find I am doing very well, even though I have stopped using it about 11 months ago.

What I use for my saliva is a stuff called Stoppers4, it is a spray I get at www.drugstore.com it works great for me at night as I can sleep with out the dry mouth waking me up every hours.

Your husband taste will start coming back little by little, but it takes sometimes 3 months for the body to heal from all the damage. But once it comes back he will be trying to eat everything that passes in fount of his mouth. My problem was KFC chicken wings; it was the first thing I tasted after treatment, so from then on I could not pass up a KFC with out stopping

Keep writing and letting us know how you and your husband are doing, take care and God bless

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Thanks Hondo for your reply. I just got the order placed for Stoppers 4. My husband is using lots of Biotene spray but gets just a couple hours sleep at a time with it so really hope the Stoppers4 works as well for him as you. I'll talk with him more about the Ambertose. He seemed interested when our friends brought it up.

Some days I'm just at my wits end in how to help him. My best approach is more of a hands off and let him figure it out himself. I'm just kind of the leg man! Your comments (and others on this board) have really helped me through all this. I'm glad I usually have a sunny disposition as this has been very trying for me. I can't imagine what he and all cancer survivors go though. It's just good to see such courage.

How about sleep apnea since treatment? My husband's is so bad now that we start out in the same bed but I always go into the spare room so I can get the sleep I need. We see Med oncologist on Dec 19. Apnea will be a big part of the discussion.


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