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has anyone survied esphogus cancer stage 3/4 with just chemo and rad no surgery,tumors were in esphogus just below throat,doctors said lyphmnode in center of right shoulder tested positive to far from tumer to do surgery.are there suvivors?also said 2 lyphnodes were swollen did not know if they were cancerous.been off chemo and rad now 6 months now feeling good,next cat scan jan

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yes i had a lymph node with cancer uotside the primary area of the tumor,thats why doctor said no sugery,sqamis cell 2.

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I am a stage III squamous cell cancer patient my positive lymph node is on the opposite side of my chest from my tumor and I have always wondered if there are more bad lymph nodes around. I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday after 7 wks of chemo and radiation and an 8 wk resting period. I wonder how much lymph node involvement the dr is talking about in your case and I would definitely get a second opinion. Wm Marshall is a good source for you. You need to have more info on how far that lymph node is and did they biopsy it? I found out many things that light up on Pet scans are not cancer even though they may appear to be. Please find out more and talk to some drs with a lot of experience with esophageal cancer. Good luck to you!!!

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Hi and welcome to this discussion board. I am a caregiver for my dad who was diagnosed with stage IV EC November 2008. He had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. This really knocked him out. Surgery was discussed, but the ongologist felt his quality of life would not be good after surgery. He also felt that he was not healthy enough to substain the surgery. Here we are over a year later, He has felt a lot better, the last pet scan showed considerable shrinkage of the tumor. He is still having some trouble swallowing, due to what the ongologist feels is from scar tissue closing off the esophagus. We are soon to be meeting with the gastroenterologist to discuss balloon dialation to open up his esophagus.

That all being said.......Please get a second opinion!!! Our first opinion had my dad dead in 6 mos. Our second opinion....well my dad is still here 12 mos later!!

Good luck to you, and our prayers go out to you. Hope you have a good support team. We here at this site do a heck of a job supporting eachother, so welcome aboard!!

God Bless,

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