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Hello everyone,

First let me welcome you to our site I too was in your shoes just a little over 6 months ago, my husband at the age of 45 years old was diagnosed with esophogeal cancer, we orginally had went to the doctor for what we thought was gallblader problems, after being persisent with the doctor and letting her know things were not anybody we had an EGD and this is when we find out that on April fools day we had this disease called CANCER, at this time we thought to our selves how can this be, this can't happen to us. We met with the onocologist and got our plan, so on to Chemo we go, well our first one was in April, we did good no problems, then we had our 2nd Chemo and whoa, that one was a killer, then on to number 3 and that one was even worse, but we hung in there and got done with that, then on to surgery on July 23, he had the full esophojectomy, surgery wise he did good, otherwise we were really visiting GOD on several occassions, but we got through it and let me tell you it has not been easy. When I first came on to this site i was like a baby wearing diapers, and thought OMG can I do this or should could I say US but as I signed on to this site, and started reading other peoples problems, and thought wow I am not the only one here, but when I read some of these others letters, I was scared to death when I read Bill Marshall's letters, Kitten0385 sometimes worried me but after listening and keeping my faith, I found out they were pretty knowledgeable and knew what to do. Well with this being said I started wearing my Big Girl Panties, and got through this journey

For the ones of you having troubles with appetite it does get better but Chemo changes your whole body, just hang in there as time goes on things will get better.

I am here now trying to answer posts, and help others, so all I can say is hang in there and know where there is faith there is GOD and where there is GOD there is hope and where there is HOPE there is LOVE, you can do this if I can you can.


Lori aka MOE

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