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update on my dad

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Well, my parents have decided to go with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. They really like the Dr. alot. However, she's putting him in a wait and see status. I'm not thrilled, but whatever she feels. She does feel that he was on the right track in the clinical study and fully understands that it's going to be too hard to get to Pittsburgh in the winter months. He's supposed to have another scan in Dec. then go back to see her in Jan to see what's next. He seems to be ok with everything. My mom did want to go to cancer treatment centers, but my dad isn't interested, so Hopkins it is. The new Dr. had already spoken to the Drs. in PA. and they dicussed my dad. I wasn't happy about that, but I think it's going to be ok. I just want the best for him and I pray this will be the answer. It doesn't sound like he'll ever be a candidate for surgery and I'm trying to except that. So, he'll rest for the holidays and fatten up and wait for the next steps. I'm worried that he'll be off the chemo for so long. I guess that will be ok too. My mom has a call into the Dr. to make sure she understood that correctly. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

Hugs to all!!

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Hi E,

Remember what I told you the Dr. said about Al being off of chemo for so long before surgery. Your Dads case may be alittle different but they did assure me that he would be
fine without it for a while.


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Hi Erika,
I will keep praying for your Dad. I hope this is the answer. Hopkins has some of the best minds in the world and if your Dad is comfortable with it lets hope this is the answer. Maybe in time, they will offer surgery, but there are a lot of patients with different cancers who are being treated as if they have chronic diseases and maintained on meds. Maybe this will be a special holiday for your family to let your Dad eat and not have to contend with all the meds and side effects. my prayers are with you and yours.

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Hi Erika,
My husband was dx with Stage iv EC in May of 2009. He also has been told to wait and see. The doctor told me the treatment he was on (EOX) had killed everything it could and that any more of that would just do damage to his organs. I wasn't thrilled when he said to wait. I asked about a maintenence chemo. He said the studies he read found maintenence chemo kept it in remission longer but decreased quality of life while not increasing life longevity. I sure hope he's right. They said to watch closely for any new symptoms like pain or trouble swallowing and in one month retest. I hope your family have a wonderful holiday, I know my husband is thrilled to be off chemo for one whole month. Good luck to you.

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I replied to you on your post. It's hard to wait and see. I'm hoping my dad can try EOX if needed in Jan. There are people on the maintenace chemo, and seems to be working. I wonder why the Dr. doesn't even want to try it. Well, I guess we'll wait and see together. Sounds like they will be on the same retest schedule. Let me know his date. I think my dad's date is 12/11. I need to double check that date. You also enjoy your holidays too. Good luck to your family as well. Stay in touch!!


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