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Hope things are well with your DAD, I noticed you haven't posted or replyed in over a week. I was just concerned and making sure everyone is okay. Do I need to send you a pair of my BGP, or do you have it under control. I have really enjoyed you and making sure things are okay. Please let us know we are all family on this site.

Bill, please reserve a pair of the BIG GIRL PANTIES, for K_ANN she might need them but will let you know

Hope things are well

Lori aka MOE

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Hi Lori!!! i love you guys!!! i have posted on and of, but on others comments---maybe that is why you haven't seen them. I am still having a little trouble figuring out the way thist site is laid out...I just check all the new posts and reply. I try to put in a title so it doesn't get lost in the bunch...

I am watching how everyone is doing here seeing lots of good news! I thank God for this site, bc although the news is not always good--we all are seeing the positive and sharing it... We're realistic, but moving forward by grace! (oh and BGPs and BBPs!!!!!) I just posted to Cathy aka Kitten --that she might need some FANCY BGPs---because of all the challenges she has had---at least they might make her smile!
My dad is about 2weeks post chemo radiation at Duke and just went for bloodwork---needs to drink more ensure plus (just like my mom told him...:) ) He was a little dehydrated---which is what I was afraid form talking to my mom...being so healthy never prepared them for this.

HE IS BEING RE-STAGED 11/4 (scans) thru 11/11 (surgeon appt).
Please pray everything has shrunk---or that we can deal with what we need to…. I am going to fly to be with my parents---beats a 9 hour drive one way! It also helps me get back to the 4 kiddos (9-17yrs old) and husband and still be with my parents---I’m so torn. I believe God has worked in a way just so I can still be with my parents and not worry about home---long story.

Anyway—I am still around—just commenting on others posts lately…
Thanks for thinking of me (& my dad)
Kim (K_ann1015)

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