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Childhood cancer survivors less likely to marry - CNN article

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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on this board, I just signed up for it today actually. I was partially inspired to sign up after reading a CNN article about how childhood cancer survivors are less likely to get married, although "inspired" is probably the wrong word since it is a bit of a downer.

Here is the article: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/10/21/childhood.cancer.survivors.marriage/index.html

This is also interesting because looking at these boards for Young cancer survivors it looks like dating etc. is a pretty big topic. Although it definitely makes sense and I agree with what a lot of people have to say. My longest relationship almost broke up with me several times, once due to fertility concerns, and a few more times just because she was scared it was going to come back and I was going to die.

I am 18 years out of treatment, and like 10 years out of getting regular MRIs, but my cancer is still a subject that somehow manages to dominate my thoughts still.

Anyway, read the article and tell me what you think!


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Good article.

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Hi David, and greetings to rest of the board! (I am new),

I too was spurred to join this network in part because I that article; that, and lately I've become more aware of how cancer has affected my life, even though i will be 9 years in remission on Nov. 17th. This article was a little depressing, but thought-provoking, and made me think that the best thing for me, and probably for many people in a similar position, would be to somehow meet other young cancer survivors. I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma from ages 14-16 and am now 24, and have struggled with anxiety and some low-level depression, and while I have many friends and have had a healthy number of romantic relationships, I often feel that it's difficult after what I've been through to have superficial connections or to relate to a lot of people in my age group. Does anyone else feel similarly? I have no friends who have survived cancer and was wondering if anyone knows of ways to meet up with young survivors in person in a social way. I'd appreciate any comments; thanks! Great to find this outlet!


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