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neutropenic fever and back in hospital

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Well last week came out of the hospital after chemo and was home two days and then spiked fever back in the hospital till yesterday the 20th. They said I have neutropenic fever. Must have been given 20 bags of Zosin and some Vancomycin and loads of fluids. So sick of hospital, but the nurses were nice. Two pints of blood and neupogin injections am home and happy to be here and so happy done with treatments. My onc decided he did not think I should have my last 2 radiation treatments because my blood had taken such a beating. Now I can rest a little and hope my eating comes back still having a time of trying to swallow anything but cream of wheat and ice cream. I start my prep for surgery on November 13th and so encouraged by Al's good response after his surgery. Every good thing I hear helps me get braver because I will need my big girl panties for that for sure. take care everyone prayers for all.

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You hang in there if my Jeff can do this you can too. I will make sure your BIG GIRL PANTIES arrive in plenty of time for your surgery, please be looking for them from Bill Marshall, blessed and sent by FAITH FEDERAL EXPRESS, I know they will help, I hope things get better for you, but also try eggs, pudding, steamed vegies, thats what jeff first had to eat and it worked. Please know I am here if you have any questions, As you know Mumphy-kathy is through with hers and BettyinVegas, starts her journey tomorrow. I as so glad you came on this site it surely helps, but how is your husband handling things? I know in the beginning he was having a hard time. Surgery isn't easy but nothing in life is, just remember Kitten has been through alot more than we have ever thought of, so pull those BGP up and keep trucking on down this journey.

Take Care
Love and hugs
Jeff and Lori

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Hi Lori,
I appreciate the advice and definitely want the delivery of my big girl panties. I know Kitten has been thru much more than any of us and I never fail to pray for her a lot. I just can't swallow eggs which is a big disappointment to me, I thought I would be able to eat them a lot for protein. Because I have achalasia too, things get hung up in my esophagus and food can just sit there. I might swallow it but then pain starts and I realize it did not go down, so semi soft stuff is what I stick with even fluids are hard and have to be warmed up. I just got a call that the surgeon and the onc want to meet with me next Thursday, which is much earlier than we thought and we are thinking they may want to do surgery sooner rather than later since I am losing weight and getting pretty weak. We will find out then I guess. I am so glad I got on this site because this is my link with survivors and their stories and that is what keeps me and I imagine everyone going. Thanks again!!

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Hi Donna,

The exact same thing happened to Al. They didn't do the last 2 scheduled chemo treatments.
They did a pet scan to see how things were looking and things looked so good that they sent
them to Dr.Luketich and we scheduled and appt. He said that the tumor had shrunk enough for
us to schedule surgery, and look at us now the surgery is over he is looking great. We
know that we will still have to have alittle more chemo and some radiation.

Just wanted to let you know. REST,REST AND MORE REST.

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Hi Kathy,
Boy you make me so happy and I am so glad that Al is doing so good!!! what a vision of hope for the rest of us. As I told Lori, we are wondering if they are moving up my surgery date because I was supposed to see drs on Nov. 13th and now they want to see me next week. We will see then. Give Al my best wishes and to stay strong. Thanks for your words of encouragement!!
take care,

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