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You are only 3 days away from the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!!, you see when I was in the hospital with Jeff you were wondering if AL would ever get there, and now he has, He will be cancer free after just 3 more days, you need to know that if you wear the BIG GIRL PANTIES, for that day, that they will help you make the decisions you need to have your husband healthy and home in no time. If you wear MOE'S SHOES, they will not only get you to the hospital on time everyday they will get you to where ever you need to go, you see I spent alot of time in those shoes, some days never going home just standing by to tell him "I love you" and to let him know I am there. I want you to know we all will be praying for you from now through monday and the following days ahead, but remember do not give up, FAITH HOPE AND LOVE is what will get you through this. You being ANTSY is just part of the course, wondering first if you have everything, and then wondering if everything is going to go good, and etc. I too was antsy, but once the surgery is over with it will be a big relief off your shoulders.

Remember Bill Marshall will have a good letter for you and the BGP will be at your door early enough on Monday for you to have them at the hospital in time for AL surgery, and they will be blessed by FAITH FEDERAL EXPRESS, and I think JEFF is sewing on the last of the lace now so that you will recieve them in plenty of time.

Just know your friends on here will be here for you but the most important thing is you have to check in with us on a daily basis so we know you are okay, I did all the time thats how I got through what I did on my rough days there was always help on the site, and of course Kitten was always there for me, but now that she is a little under the weather she might not be able to reply as often, but keep your chin up and know we are here.

Just calm down and keep your chin up.

Love you always
Lori aka moe


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Thanks Lor,

I do have my moments! I am pretty calm right now, and have been keeping busy during the day.

I will try and post everyday, my daughter in law is supposed to bring her lap top. If not
the hospital should have one for me to use.

Thank you to everyone for all of you support and prayers, I will still be posting over the
weekend so I will talk to you all soon.

May God Bless and Keep you all.
Thanks again,

P.S Betty your next!!!!

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Betty in Vegas
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you're beside yourself? Sigh ...that's just how we humans are, I suppose.

I will spend special time in prayer for you guys this weekend, and do post to tell us how things are going. You KNOW that I will be looking for those posts!

Yup, we leave here for Texas next Wednesday (did I mention I hate flying, I hate flying. I mean I HATE flying.) We have thankfully been so busy getting the business on an even keel so we can leave and still pay bills--that I have to say I haven't had a LOT of time to worry. I also lost a bit of weight, which I put on when I sit in the hospital. That is a good thing.

I will be watching your posts, and probably posting right after you...so keep in touch, and know you are NOT alone.


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Good luck to you and Al....we will be praying for you over the weekend....and willbe praying the surgery on Monday will be a success.
Stay strong.

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Thank to all of you I probably missed a few of you Sorry! As you all know when I first started posting here I was like a child afraid of the dark. Now I am feel all grown up and ready to take on what ever God has planned for us. I have to say that I am so glad to have found this site and all of you wonderful and supportive people. I wish that it wasn't under such horrible situations.

I will try and keep you posted daily to let you know how things are progressing.
I have packed My BGPs and My Moes shoes along with other essentials.
I am lucky that we only live 15 min. from the hospital so if I do need anything else someone will be able to bring them right down to me.

I have to thank you for the extra prayers and you encouragement.

I will be in touch.
God Bless!

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Hi kath,

Well its saturday and know you are really getting anxious for this surgery, but you only have 2 more days till wait, Yes you and I were just alike we were in diapers and scared when we first signed on to this site, but as our days, weeks, months went by we became more grown up, we were scared like a child is growing up of the bed monsters, we didn't know what was going to happen down the road, but as William told me in a letter to me he just let me lay low for awhile as he didn't know how to respond, but told me I went from diapers to BIG GIRL PANTIES in just 3 months, I too know how you feel, waiting for the surgery it seems like it will never get here, I want you to know that you have come so far just like me, and we have to stay active on this site to help others, that need our help, we can let them just be here you will now be a survivor of esophogeal Canacer, as I was told once you start treatment you are a survivor. There are times in our life as an adult that you ask yourself, how did this happen to us, Well I know how it happened, GOD gave to us because we are strong and he knew he could count on us to get our husbands through this ugly disease we call CANCER, just know after Monday you will now be a survivor to help others through surgery.

I know your BGP is packed but make sure you have an extra pair, cause the first day wearing them, will be difficult.

I am here and want you to know I will be checking with you on a daily basis. Hang in there you will do fine along with his kids, but you have to be strong just like I was then when its all over you can break down, we all do.

Take care
Lori aka MOE

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Lori---we know you have been through a lot---and we all have a lot to go through---but hanks for sharing with us... esp Al & Kath (& Kitten and all the others)---
God Bless (I just don't have the words....right now)

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If you would have known me 6 months ago I was a child afraid of what was coming down the pipe, I truly didn't know if I could do this or get my husband through it. I am glad I can help others through this ugly disease we call CANCER, after all its just another BUMP in the road, as Ms. Kitten always tells us. Kim, believe me if it wasn't for William, and Kitten I wouldn't be where I am today, It hasn't been an easy road, but i have hung in there, and tried my best to care of people on this site or hopefully try. The waiting is the longest and hardest.

I want you to know if I can help I will try, I do work in the daytime so I usually don't come on until abou 6-7 pm.

Know I think of you daily with your dad, and wish mine was still here to help.

Love and Hugs

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