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Pretty rough time in hospital

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Well I just got home 2 and a half days later than planned. Was getting ready to get discharged and asking where is the IV nurse to de-access my port when started a whole lot of shaking, fast heart and not breathing right. Just like a curtain fell. So, after a pint of blood and that wbc injection stuff finally got out of that place. I was depressed by Friday and having crying spells so having to stay till today just sucked but happy I did not go home and get sick because would have to be readmitted. boy glad the chemo is over and have 4 more radiation treatments yet. The nurses are great but cannot stand being in the hospital. So thanks for your thoughts and prayers and I prayed for you and yours. What is happening with Kitten??? Kept thinking of her and all she has been thru, my stuff is nothing compared to it. thanks again,

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Hi Donna,

oohh boy that doesn't sound like fun! When that dc date goes by and you are not home it really STINKS---but you're home now...and better to have the scary stuff happen in the hospital--(better for your husband's health too!). I'll keep you in my prayers---I haven't heard from Kitten--hope she is OK---I will have to check other posts though...


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Thank God it happed while you were still in the hospital. Now your home and no more Chemo
left. So now just rest, rest and more rest. You did say how the eating thing is going, that should get better now since chemo is over. It will take time it took Al about 3 weeks
before he could really eat some good stuff.

Anyway glad you home, as Dorothy said there's no place like home!!!

God Bless

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Hi Kath,
Are you sure I will be able to eat better? I can't seem to get hardly anything down even ensure. I try to swallow and wind up belching and then white foam keeps coming up. When I try to explain it to the drs they don't seem to pay attention. I have achalasia so things get stuck further down and I never know what is going all the way down. I need to get 3 ensure like drinks in a day. The nutritionist told me to drink Gatorade, hate it, or pedialyte every day so maybe I won't need so many iv infusions. If you have any other suggestions that worked for Al, please let me know!!! thanks!! PS Thanks everyone for the encouragement and messages, they mean a lot to me!!!

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Don't give up on eating, my husband went through the same thing nothing would go down, My husband has the same thing with the foam stuff, even now after surgery, your body is telling you don't eat that or somethings not right, but after he does that he feels better, so know he has it too. The gatorade comes in different flavors and its really not bad, if you drink the purple one though don't get alarmed it makes your poop turn green, just an fyi okay. You just continue soft stuff, like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, puddings, jellow, ice cream, oatmeal or cream of wheat, those are all soft things, that was told for my husband before and after surgery, it got where he couldn't even drink the ensure, it got old fast. Be careful on your sweets too it will make you have the icky feeling. Of course my husband has already had the surgery but remember he has to still be very very careful on eating or he gets sick. Just remember there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you don't think so, there is.

BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR KITTEN IS NOT GETTING TO DO SOME OF THE THINGS WE GET TO DO, so you need to hang in there and know after surgery will be so much better it all just takes time and is a long process.

Just put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES, pull them up and say OK LORD I AM READY, lets get this show on the road and make me CANCER FREE.

know i am here if you have any questions.

take care
Lori aka moe

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Betty in Vegas
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I can understand what you mean about great nurses, but not wanting to be in the hospital. I love our hospital and the staff, but it is not home. Not at all. Isn't it funny how you just break at some point? The stay just seems never ending though it isn't...

I wish I could send you a huge hug.


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Hi guys,
I'm here, just not posting much, still in the hospital. They started my tube feedings today and removed my central line, just using my pic line. The doctor told me today that I will hopefully be able to go home towards the end of this week! I'll have to do the feeding tube for quite some time since my stomach is blocked, but I'm ok with that. Just being at home in my own bed will be awesome!! Well, have to run my nurse is coming in.

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Donna - I'm so glad to hear you are home and resting!!! I'm sending prayers your way!!
Cry, it's a good way to release stress!!! Always remember, it's ok to cry!!

Kitten - glad to hear from you!! I'll pray you come home at the end of the week too.


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Hi Cathy,
So glad to hear from you and hope you get to go home like the dr said. It has been such a long haul for you. A big time hug is coming your way. Prayers and many good thoughts for you!!! God bless!!

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Hey Donna,

Just take it slow you will feel inside as things begin to shrink and the swelling is going down..We started with Jello, warm teas, broth and the moved up to thicker things like pudding and cream soups. You get the picture. Just remember if it didn't work at first to
try it again later. Also ice cream is very big in my house if its to cold let it melt alittle.

Kitten I'm glad to see you posted and that you will hopefully be home soon!

God Bless.

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