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Harry Connick Jr, my first Brachytherapy & a bad cold

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On monday I went for my first Brachytherapy session in Boston and it was by far much easier than I expected and without a doubt the easiest of all the treatments- surgery, chemo, and external radiation. I am being seen by the Chief, Gynecological Radiation Oncology and Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology Harvard Medical School and I think SHE is great. I felt so comfortable the first time I met her and she seemed to love answering all my questions and being challenged by the questions. I have heard from her staff and the radiation staff at the hospital where I had my external radiation that she is a top doctor in her field and world known. That makes me feel great.

The appointment was less than 45 minutes and most of that was waiting for a bathroom to open up to change. The actual time I had the radiation going through me was just over 3 minutes. No pain, No side effects, easy compared to everything else.

As for Harry Connick Jr, when they had me laying on the table to get the radiation they turned on the flat screen on the ceiling and turned on the music. The flat screen show the beach with waves and mountains in the background and the music was Harry Connick Jr singing FEVER.

As for my cold, I developed a cold about a week ago and it seems to be taking a while to get rid of. I have no fever but have a stuffy nose, cough, and some body aches. I finished up chemo in mid july so I am wondering how long it will take to build up my immune system. I also went last week to a Homeopathic Pharmacy that has been in business for years and got some probiotic capsules and all natural cough and cold medicine. The owner was very helpful. You can visit their website at www.naturalcompounder.com.

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So glad your treatment went so well. It sounds like you have a good team on your side. You are almost at the end of everything! What city is this pharmacy in? I will be in Boston next month and might look him up.


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This pharmacy is one town over from Watertown so it is very easy, in Waltham. Our friend Tricia probably knows about it. The owner gave me his card and told me to e-mail him if I had any questions, his name is Gary Kracoff RPh, NMD Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. The name of the pharmacy is Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center at 577 Main Street in Waltham. His e-mail is gary@naturalcompounder.com.

I feel like this is one of the extra things I can do for myself to get stronger again.

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The probiotic capsules I am taking are made by Pharmax and called HLC High Potency Capsules with 60 capsules in a jar. I have read that eating yogurt with probiotics is good for your digestive system and for that reason I switched to the greek style yogurts but this pharmacist told me I would need to have 7 yogurts a day to get the benefits of one capsule. The other capsule I am taking is made by New Chapter Organics and called Host Defense. It is filled with anti-oxidants. I do trust this pharmacy and I know of several people that have gone there for different issues and have been helped. It has been in business for many years and the people that work there seem incredibly knowledgeable. I went over my past treatments and he was fully aware of the side effects and what my body has been through. I think if you are eating Activa then you are getting probiotics but maybe not in a high enough dose.
As for my cold, I do think that my body is still recovering from the chemo and my immune system is still weak. If you get a chance then go to the store website at www.naturalcompounder.com I think you will find it helpful.
I have done everything that doctors have told me to do and this is the extras that I feel will help me to recover. Some of the supplements are expensive but no more than getting a prescription at a pharmacy that may help with one side effect but cause another. I am at the point where I would like to rely as little as possible on prescription medicine.

I hope this information helps.

Lisa 00
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My last brachytherapy was accompanied by Michael Jackson singing "dirty diana". Honest.

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It is very funny about the music. As you lay there with a cylinder stuck up your vagina being radiated and listening to songs that sing about love and sex.

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Whenever I hear the Doobie Brothers, I remember radiation, and have to smile.

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