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Peach fuzz face

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A while back I remember people talking about when their hair grew back, they ended up with alot of peach fuzz all over their face. Well I have longish peach fuzz, thank God it is very light in color. My "sideburns" came in darker. This peach fuzz is also on my shoulders and back. It is quite noticable to me. Does anyone have remedies for this? I thought someone said they shaved it off. Did that work or make it worse?

I had dark brown hair with a touch of grey. Now I have grey hair with a touch of brown. My med onc says it was the chemo that did it. My eyebrows came in with a vengence. I have never plucked so much in my life. Waiting for my hair to grow in more so I can "touch up" the grey.

Lisa 00
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I can identify with the hair thing post chemo. I have sideburns that go all the way down to below my jawline and heavier eyebrows myself. In fact, just this morning I took a pair of scissors and clipped down the sideburns. I didn't want to shave them because that would have given me a real, definate sideburn but clipping turned out just fine.
With the eyebrows, I waxed them. Before all of this, I had been waxing my own eyebrows so I had the stuff to do it myself. It sounds as if waxing is the answer to your shoulders and back.
Those are my suggestions, good luck!

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Aloha Deb (littleton) very common to have this fuzz growth after chemo; being a hairy woman to begin with, it really freaked me out since I had spent years undergoing electrolysis to remove facial hair; I shaved the peach fuzz off after reading several post on this site; interestingly it did not grow back; clipped the hair that grew on my back and shoulders and haven't seen it grown any longer; I'm very jealous of all who are complaining about their hair growing back thicker; I'm still struggling with wispy, thin hair; it's as if only half the amount grew back, but the hair on my upper arms has grown back with a vengence; in light of surviving another three month cancer free (last chemo 11/26/08), gratitude is in order; I'm working on cultivating a grateful heart and taking Biotin 8000 mcg a day to give the hair a boost; side effect of Biotin is this really nice skin; several people have remarked that my skin looks great...


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My hair is also still very thin, 6 months after last chemo. I need to replace the photo I have up here, as it's a LITTLE better than my mid-July photo from the beach, but not all that much thicker. Marie, can you get that Biotin without a prescription? I think of you often and how you diagnosed your cancer. I am always somewhat lubricated now from using the dilator each morning, a bonus for spontaneous sex, but never fails to make me think of how wisely you associated that 'constant readiness' as 'not normal'. HA!

When my hair started growing back, my face was very 'peach-fuzzy' too. Thank God it was very fine and transparent, but it still caught the light and was unacceptable to me. I took little sizzors (I know THAT's not spelled right!! ??) and just clip-clip-clipped over my cheeks to take the fuzzies down to a more natural tiny length. My eyebrows came in WIDE down closer to my eyes than they'd ever been, and I went and had those waxed into a better brow-line. When new ones sprouted I plucked them out and luckily most of them never returned.

I wear more eye makeup than I ever did, compensating for my current butch hair-do. Ah, vanity! Congrats to all for good progress reports!

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Thanks for the remedies. I think I will have my brows waxed because they grew in like my Dad's! I went to a wedding this weekend and had to shave my back because of the dress I was wearing. I'll see if that was the right thing to do. At that moment it was. My husband is still laughing about it.

I will try to clip the fuzzies when I can get a small sissors. I too am wearing alot more eye makeup and long earings. We have to deal with what we have.

Going to try that Biotin.

Lisa 00
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Joined: Jul 2009

I just took a regular sized scossors, laid it flat against my sideburns and started clipping. Worked just great!

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I shaved mine and it never came back....

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