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Well, as you all know Jeff had been diagnosed with Esophogeal Cancer Stage II on April Fools day, yes I was waiting for someone to yell April Fools, it never happened. To make the long story short, we had 3 months of hard Chemo, and then on July 23, at 7:00 am we started surgery, we had a hard time 12 days in ICU, and 6 days on the surgery floor, now keep in mind my husband worked from sun up to sun down, an never sick. Jeff had alot of problems after surgery, Blood pressure dropping, chest tube, feeding tube, not counting how to learn how to walk all over again. I brought him home on August 8, a saturday, that was the most memorable day of our lives, he did well, I had to help him alot with bathing, dressing, and everything that goes with it. The first 3 weeks was okay, 4th week he was healing good, and the 5th week well we were about to kill each other, you see I am not a stay at home wife I work 40 hours a week, he always worked swing shift so being with him day and night for 5 weeks, whew i was ready to return to work. First day I went back to work he had a hard time but after that he had did really good, he eats whatever he wants just smaller portions. He is still not able to sleep in the bed yet, still sleeps in the recliner, and he has bouts of visiting the bathroom on a hourly basis, and just learning how to deal with things is alot different than before. I can honestly say we sure look at life a whole lot differently now. When you are diagnosed with Cancer it just changes not only your attitudes, but what use to matter to you doesn't really matter anymore. As William Marshall always told me while taking care of Jeff, GOD'S UP ALL NIGHT SO TURN YOUR PROBLEMS TO HIM, now let me tell you this man scared the crap out of me when I first came on to the ACS site, and wasn't sure I really liked him, but now as I go back and look at all my post and his replys how would I have gotten through this without him. Then there is Kitten, but now her name is "A CAT WITH 9 LIVES" she has been my godsend, she really guided me through everything. Jeff is doing really good, we have been cancer free and go for a PET SCAN on OCt 1, to make sure there is nothing coming back. So for all you ones that have family contemplating surgery its worth it, I have as WIlliam says taken on a second job selling "MOES, BIG GIRL PANTIES, WHILE JEFF IS SEWING ON THE LACE" AND MY MOES SHOES IS FOR RENT, if you all are wondering about that saying you will need to check out the site, it explains it all.

I wanted to give everybody an inside on things, and let you know how far we have come since April fools day.

Im not going anywhere as we are survivors, and will continue the site for ever and ever.

If I can help anybody please let me know. William will even tell you how far I came from day one to now.

Love to you all
Lori aka MOE

Cancer we will fight and only us understand things.

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Posts: 649
Joined: May 2009

I just want to let you know he hasn't gave me no lip at all since way before surgery, maybe I didn't clarify that well. I think he has discovered just what all I did before and do after surgery. But I like your saying of HIT THE ROAD JACK!!. I hope we continue to do as well as you and everyone else.

We need to say a prayer for mumphy today and hopefully they will be doing surgery soon too.

I don't have much time to write have to get to work just wanted to let you know.

Jeff loves me more now than before, and we are doing GREAT, will write more later


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