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Hey everyone...

Well, it's been a heck of a couple days! After getting to mayo, I waited for all my medical teams to put together a plan and then ended up having an abdominal scan and a colonoscopy. During the colonoscopy they found such a bad blockage that my colon was about to perforate and my blood pressure dropped and I couldn't move when woken up. When I woke up I was being loaded into an ambulance to be transported to the other mayo hospital, my belly was even more full with air, and my pulse dropped, it was very scary. As soon as they hauled me from the methodist hospital to st. mary's hospital at Mayo, I was being wheeled into the operating room. They had to bypass the blockage, so when I woke up I had a trach, was strapped down to the bed so I wouldn't pull it out, had a chest tube (yuck), and have a colostomy bag, which will hopefully be able to be reversed in a few months. If not, it's something I'll learn to live with. As for the blockage, it's technically still there, just bypassed, but my belly feels better already even though I hurt from surgery. They will do further testing and ct's after I am healed from surgery and will also then begin chemo again, as it will need to be pushed back for a few weeks to heal from surgery. I am in ICU and will be for the next day or two...I am here because they couldn't get me to breathe while doing the surgery. I have already had the trach pulled and am breathing on my own, and continue to progress well. I will update as I know more. Thanks for all you guys do for me!!!!


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All your friends are praying for you, from Iowa oklahoma, florida, to whereever, you will get through this too, You are our friend, and savior, yes we never know what cards we will be dealt but we learn to deal with things we never thought we would have to, As I always say, PUT THE "BIG GIRL PANTIES ON" and know you can do this. We love you Cathy not only Jeff and I but everyone you have come to know. The chest tube is not easy Jeff had one too, but its something we deal with, and as you say its a "BUMP" in the road.

I am just glad they got it before it did burst.

Take care and hugs

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I only have one chest tube this time and it's because they collapsed my lung putting in a central line. Having just one isn't too bad, and I actually slept for several hours straight. I'm moving to a regular floor today!!


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I'm so sorry you had to deal with this!!! You still sound so upbeat and that's great!! I'm glad the trac is out now. You can do this!!! Keep your faith and stay strong. I'm saying extra prayers for you. I was hoping your blockage wouldn't have been a "true" blockage. Stay strong girl, you've come a long way!!!


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So sorry to hear all you have gone through the last couple of days. Have not been on-line the last couple of days (flew up to Providence RI to visit with friends in Bristol RI for a week....want to take advantage since Charlie is feeling so good.) As soon as we arrived in RI I got my laptop out to see if there was any news on you. You are truly amazing....you have such a strong spirit....I admire you so much. I wish you well and continue to pray for a quick recovery, so you can continue to fight this battle we are all a part of.
Take care,

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