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New Patient with Questions - Help Please

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Hello. I am 39 and just had a partial nephrectomy on my left kidney last week. I had a 2.2 centimeter clear cell tumor. The surgery was done lap and I am slowly recovering. I wanted to ask some questions and thank anyone in advance for some help or insights.

First, my surgeon said that removal of the tumor is the only treatment needed. Anything else I should consider?

Second, I am in good shape, exercise 4 to 5 times a week and eat a low carb diet. My weight was perfect (a little underweight now) and I don't smoke. Does anyone think the low carb/high protein diet had anything to do with the tumor?

Third, my doctor suggests a scan at 6 months, the once a year from thereon. Any thoughts about doing it more frequently?

Fourth, any diet or herbal treatments that anyone has tried for prevention?

Finally, my doctor said that if my first scan is clean I got to about a 5% chance of it coming back then it could drop to about 2% if I can get to year 2. Anyone else hear this?

Thanks again and God bless.

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Outside of the scans of the lower ab and the fact the tumor was encapsulated, the doctor did not check for cancer anywhere else? Should I be worried? Should I see someone else to see if it has spread anywhere? Or, is he right?

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I'm assuming you had a CT scan to find the tumor, which was very small. Did they do a full thoracic, abdominal, pelvis scan? 6 month schedule should be OK. A friend had a 13# encapsulated tumor taken out 12 years ago, and she did the 6 month route for 5 years, once a year for 5 and is now considered cured.
You sound healthy-diet probably didn't play any part in it.
Once you have full recovery from surgery, get back to living. But I'm sure you'll be a little more in tune with your body and any changes you notice.
Keep on living!

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Thanks for your response. I had a ct scan originally for food poisoning. The saw the tumor on that and then about a month later had a more specialize CT of the kidney at Sloan. I think they looked at the complete lower abdomen but am not sure.

With two young daughters and a great wife I fully intend to get back to "living" once I can at least walk around the block :)

Again, thank you!

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Thank you for your response. I have never heard of TF+. Would you mind posting a name of your vendor?

Have others tried TF+? If so, what are your thoughts.

I will start my research and see what I can learn.

Again, thank you.

frank kirkey
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Hi,My Doc has cat scan every 3 months plus 6 months lungs.Kidney cancer tends to jump to the lungs.I had stage 2.Lost quarter of kidney plus large mass lower right side hope you the best,Frank

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your oncologist should give you a Stage of the cancer. most likely you are stage 2 or 1.
if so, relax. do your scans over the next 5 years.
if you clear the 5 years w/o any new spots, you should have a nice life.

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So far so good, your tumor was small, I had my left kidney removed last November and mine was 10.6, I am an overweight female, was in good health but smoked. Mine came on overnight. The only thing I would recommend is getting a scan in 90 days as my Dr suggested since my tumor was so large. I did have metostatic, but with the size of your tumor you probably don't per everything I have read you sound like you have everything going for you. I am on my 6th round of Sutent which is the Kidney Cancer drug for those of us that were not so lucky. I feel truly blessed and every day we go on is another day closer to a cure. We are very lucky to have gotten sick now instead of 4 years ago when treatment was not as available. Stop reading all the other websites they will only depress you. Say your prayers everday and thank God you are here with us, it is like being reborn.


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