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New plan for Al

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Hi everyone,

I have some good news. When we got to Hillman for Al's appt. on Wed. the Doc said that he
didn't want to do the 2 more chemo treatments, needless to say I wanted to know why. He told us that he may not NEED them that he wants to do a PET scan first and then meet with
Dr. Luketich because he thinks that we may be ready for surgery and didn't want to give him anymore chemo if he doesn't need it.

The PET scan is scheduled for Wed. the 9th & the appt is on Thurs. the 10th. If all goes well we would be scheduling his surgery. William may I tell Dr. Luketich that I have met
you on this site and that you have supported us through this ordeal?

I will keep everyone posted as things progress but, for now we are just relaxing and trying
to get him fattend up!

Extra prayers would be greatly appreciated. Like I even have to ask. You all have been so wonderful.

May God Bless and Keep everyone.

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You are so right...you don't have to ask...you and Al are on my prayer list morning and night. Hope all goes well on the 9th and 10th. Will be waiting to hear the news.

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It sounds like things are really looking up for you and Al. My prayers will be with you that the PET turns out well!


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I'm already gettin antsy, all of the what if's are going thru my head, it doesn't stop. Im trying so hard not to think about things, but the what ifs take or what if the scan is'n
good enough what if we do need more chemo what if everything!!

I need this surgery to happen I think i'm ready for it. I want it over with I just want that tumor the hell out of there and to get on with the rest of the treatments. I know that
we have possibly the best surgeon in the USA to do this surgery and I still have the what ifs.

I guess it's normal.

Thank for listening

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If anyone understands it should be me "MOE" i have been through it all, from starting at the bottom of chemo, wondering are we going to get there, then halfway up we had surgery, and look at us, I had to see 14 tubes, not knowing "IF" he was going to make it, not knowing "IF" he was coming off the ventilator, "IF" he comes home I will never fuss again, there was always "IFS IFS IFS" but those "IFS" finally got out of the vocabulary, and I was able to stand on top of the mountain and yes "WE ARE CANCER FREE" remember that mumphy, cause someday you will be too, it is a great feeling, I know you will be able to do that to.

You have too keep your faith, and know all your cancer friends here will be saying special prayers for you, and we will all be thinking of you.

Know I am here and please read your e-mails

Take care
Love and hugs
Lori aka MOE

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Thanks for your wonderful words, support and prayers. I truely don't know what I would do
without you!!!!!!!!!!


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Good luck tomorrow I will be thinking of you and keep me posted, and get those WHAT IF"S out of your mind and listen to William sounds like you will be in good hands.

Prayers and HUGS

Jeff and Lori

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Hi Kathy!!

I'll be saying extra prayers for you and Al tomorrow and Thursday!! William couldn't say it any better!!! I can't wait to hear from you. I hope you had a good restful weekend and that Al was able to eat as well!!

Hugs and EXTRA prayers coming your way!!!

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