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Well,we went to the doctor today and the radiation doctor said that Jeff is a walking miracle and that they don't ever get patients that have 100% cancer free, after this kind of surgery. He explained all options to us and told us we could go for a second opinion but it was up to us. Said that he couldn't see giving radiation to someone that really didn't need it, and asked us "what would I be radiating" there is nothing there to radiate, of course he wants to do a pet scan to just make sure there isn't anything starting to develop or grow, and if nothing shows up then he is recommending we don't do it. I said i don't want him to go through it, but its up to Jeff, and he has chosen not to go through it also. I am so glad we got such great news, but they said with the kind of surgery he had done and all the problems he had he is a "WALKING MIRACLE". Therefore, for the ones out there contiplating surgery "GO FOR IT" if you can, ones waiting for surgery like you "KATHY-MUMPHY" it will soon be here, and know we are living proof that it can work.

Thanks William Marshall and Kitten0385, what would I have done without you guys. To all my online friends thanks for everything and all the prayers, Dont worry I am not going anywhere I would be lost and I need to help you guys now, I think my shoes are going to be rented out for MUMPHY, and my BIG GIRL PANTIES, well they are just put away for awhile i hope for good, but we never know what this ugly disease will do to our bodies, so i better keep them around.

I am just so happy that we did what we did and we have truly become CANCER FREE!!!!

Lori aka MOE

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I was talking to Jeff on Facebook today about your great news. I am so happy for you guys!! I couldn't have hoped for better news!! You have been put through the ringer, now it's time for a nice break. :0)


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All I can say is, HOORAH!!

Mike the 'Wild Goose'

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Hey Lor,

Jeff is walking proof that God does answer prayers. I AM SO,SO HAPPY FOR YOU & JEFF!!!!
I will be praying for you both that the PET scan is negative.

Being here on site watching you story unfold has given us the strength and confidence to
"GO FOR IT" I will let you know when I am ready for those shoes. Right now it is all about
the two of you and the wonderful news of today!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement!
I will let everyone know when the scan is scheduled.



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Yippee! That's wonderful news!!!

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Lori & Jeff.....oh...the power of prayer...how can you not believe!!!

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that is really great news, i very very happy for you. god bless

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That's such great news!!! I'm so happy you guys get a break!!! I'll pray for good news with the PET scan too!!!


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